Friday, April 30, 2010

Disposable Pleasures

We're used to throwing away all kinds of things to make life easier, but there was never a disposable masturbator.... until now.

Introducing the Tenga line of disposable male masturbators! These single shot devices were designed with the occasional masturbator in mind. Inexpensive enough for a night of solo pleasure, or a special occasion... but a little too pricey for the frequent um...jerker.

Available in different styles to suit every stroke. The Deep Throat cup delivers exactly what it promises, a intense suction with "special" suction valves inside to create this amazing sensation. You can even increase the suction by using the air hole at the top of the cup... just cover it with a thumb or finger and feel the "jaws" tighten around your member. They come in soft, hard, and the US versions (20% larger) in ultra-size and super vacuum. Don't mind the slurping sounds-it just makes the fantasy more realistic.

Need more options? Try the Double Hole Cup, the Air Cushion, the Soft Cup, or the Rolling Head Cup, all of which come pre-lubed and ready to enjoy. They are all equipped with Tenga's spongelike material, making them gentle lovers. So if you've been turned off by the hard plastic sleeves, it may be time to give Tenga a try. Afterall, you're just gonna toss it when you're done.

Check out these video demos of these scientifically designed masturbators!

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