Monday, August 30, 2010

L'Amour... in case you wanted to fall in love?

Personally I'd prefer to keep my romantic notions away from my sex toys, but there are some that had me at hello. This one feels like you're being french kissed.... in the vagina.

The new silicone multi-function vibe is a sexy and smooth shaft with powerful clitoral ticklers. Normally adorned with two rabbit ears, this vibe has three ticklers to fully encase the clitoral hood. There are easy to use power, vibration, and rotation buttons on the battery controller base. So for those of us who just start smashing buttons to make our high-tech vibes start or stop, be relieved.

I was excited to watch the sensual rotation of the shaft, it appears as though to have a snake-like wave along with the rotation. It might be an optical illusion as the tip of the shaft has a slightly larger thumb-shaped bulge. If the slight churning doesn't do it for you, you can bend the shaft to create larger circles of rotation without damaging the toy. The motor on the shaft is not as impressive as the power bumper, but if you relax your vaginal muscles, it shouldn't stop while penetrating. Of course, you may not have a choice once the clitoral vibrations kick you into muscle-contracting orgasms! They will at least slow down a bit, if not stop completely.

This toy is waterproof, so feel confident while washing, but as with most other "waterproof" toys, I wouldn't truly submerge unless you want to run the risk of losing your new investment.

Overall this toy's smooth shaft is thick enough to let you know it's there without being an obvious penetrator. Good for women who don't want the stuffing effect, but still want some vaginal and G-spot stimulation. Not a hard-core pounding, this one lives up to it's name. It's a toy for lovers.

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