Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good 'ole penetration-with a few extras!

Let's face it gals, there's several thousand vibrators we can choose from to satisfy our desires, but for some of us, all it takes is some vibrating penetration. Just like the good 'ole days of medical treatment for hysteria, these vibes release stress and anxiety, allowing us to feel normal again.

But unlike the ancient vibes of our grandmothers, we have more options! Buying a vibrator these days is much like buying a car, you can choose your color, go for more green options to make less of a carbon footprint, automatic or manual transmissions, cruise control.... you get the idea.

For a thick and powerful ride, go for the Sassy Swirl!

A phthalate free vibe made of PVC, at the base I can just wrap my hand comfortably around the shaft. It has a bulbous tip perfect for clitoral or G spot stimulation, and is nearly 7" in length. On Cal Exotics website, they say it's quiet, but it's not the most subtle sound I've ever heard. It's definitely got some horsepower! It takes three AAA's and gives you low to high vibration, and has 10 different patterns of pulsation (thumping) and escalation (a gradual rise in intensity).

And check this out!
Talk about your options! This ride comes with a magic memory chip so that whatever your last setting was is saved for the next time you turn on your vibe! The bendable shaft can be torqued to wrap around the pelvic area giving grinders the clitoral attention they want while still having something to wrap their vaginal muscles around.

Want something a with a little less flash? Try the Liberte 1 from the Couture Collection.

This sleek vibrator is more slender than the Sassy Swirl and vibrates at a higher frequency. While it's only about 5" in length and as thick as a thick-handed man's thumb, it's added texture makes it completely capable of satisfying your needs.

With ONE BUTTON to control the vibration, it's simple to operate. However, if you accidentally turn it to a new setting and want to go back, you'll need to scroll through the options to find the one you liked.

The Liberte has a stiff shaft and is made of silicone, a higher grade material that is smooth and non-porous. With a little of your favorite lube, this vibe will have you melting like you're at the mercy of a lover's well-trained finger.

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