Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death by Orgasm and other Halloween treats!

It's Halloween! The time of year when we can become someone else, and let our alter ego come out and play! What better time to take advantage of the fact that you have the freedom to be sexy, slutty, or even a bit naughty without explanation.

Adult toys are designed for use throughout the year, but at holiday time the toys get even more festive! Check out the Death by Orgasm collection from LoveHoney. PLUS, play their online game here!

The Fang Banger is my favorite toy in this collection, even though I love the coffin boxes that the other vibes are packaged in! Check out the awesome description for this vibrating couples ring. (Twilight fans everywhere will be begging for one of these.)

It's the best way to enjoy sex with another being - alive or undead! If your sexual desires are as strong as your blood-lust, slide this rich red cock ring over his stiff love stake and the vibrating fangs will make you scream... with pleasure!

Slide the skin-safe Fang Banger over his manhood with the fangs pointing towards you. To activate the two vibrating bullets, simply press the button on each and feel coffin-shattering vibrations.

Made from skin-safe silicone. Does not contain latex, phthalates, garlic or anything else harmful to the living or the undead.

The perfect sexy supernatural accessory for every Fang Banger (people who enjoy sex with vampires). Biting optional.

Garlic-free. Undead-friendly. Holy Waterproof.

Uh, "yes, please!!"

The Scorpion is a bit scary, and the other vibes seem rather plain, but like they say, "It's all about the presentation." And all of these vibes will provide stimulating sensations for your fright night encounters.

More fun treats that were made for sexy tricks? The pirate Rub my Duckie and Devil Duckie!

These vibes are the perfect discreet toy for your playmate. They're waterproof, making them an ideal addition to your shower or bathtub should you decide to get a little frisky in the water.

So leave the candy to the kids, and grab some sexy fun for your night free from virtue or duty.

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RowleyZone said...

Go Scorpions, Go Go...LMAO!!!