Saturday, September 13, 2014

Play With Me Review-The taco stroker by the Screaming O (AKA Paco's Taco)

All masturbator sleeves are not made alike. This silicone stroker is flat and floppy when not in use, but can be folded and wrapped up to create a tasty meat taco! Simply apply the hot sauce packet (lubricant) that's included, and watch the evening heat up.

The great thing about this sleeve versus other masturbators is the ability to use it interchangeably with your own hand or hands. Unlike sleeves that fully encompass the penis, this stroker leaves open space whenever and wherever you need it. It also is less rigid than many sleeves, making it more pliable and receptive to the natural movement of his, or your hand. The fact that you can still maintain a visual on his penis as it's being stroked is also a huge bonus!

But don't take my word for it, here's what our panel of testers had to say! said,"I like the texture of it, little ribbed sensation on it, accommodating for all different sizes. You don't have to be certain size. It's not going to have a pinch factor, it's a really excellent product." said,"I discovered that it wasn't the stroke up toward the head, but rather the stroke downward that really did it for him. It was a completely different sensation, I felt like I had more control over what was happening. Thumbs up!!" said,"It's like a piece of bologna! Ok, Time to spank your bologna... ha ha! It's a good tool for someone who is too small for a stroker (sleeve) or too big"

To purchase any of these products, message me for details, or shop online and enter coupon code: PLAYME for free shipping on your entire order.

Hear the entire show on Episode 4 on my show Play With Me on Playboy Radio.

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