Thursday, November 6, 2014

Get Jacked! Which rabbit is right for you?

With so many choices available, how’s one to decide which rabbit is “the one?” This question may seem trivial, but just like men, rabbits come in all different shapes, sizes, options, and colors. They provide different types of stimulation, come with different motors, and provide you with different orgasms.

So let’s break it down like we would a lover:

The Romantic

The Sport Fuck

The Ass Man

The Voyeur

The Giver

The Romantic-Just like his title suggests, the Romantic is a deep kisser. They like to breathe you in and give you pleasure that feels like a long delicious exhale. Can a rabbit really do that, you ask? Depends on the rabbit. I had the pleasure (literally) of reviewing one such rabbit. There's something about the sensual rotation of this particular shaft, and the velvety smooth silicone material that slides easily inside with very little lubrication... Just saying.

The Sport Fuck- You know him… he’s always good for an energetic bang, and he can do it for hours… great if you want to skip the gym and make sex your workout. He isn’t much into emotional connection, in fact, he may not actually look you in the eyes at all. It doesn’t matter, because you can’t really take your eyes off his fine ass body anyway... and by the time he’s done with you, you look like you’ve been through the tumble dry. You’d be satisfied getting drilled by this powerful rabbit… may I introduce you to the Power Bumper …

The Ass Man-No matter what position this lover puts you in, you know they’ll never really be happy unless they get to play with your ass. And this works just fine for you, you like a little ass play every now and then too. There are a few triple stimulators out there, but this one provides a flexible slim probe with it’s own dedicated bullet to stimulate the perineum, or insert into the anus for intense pleasure.

The Voyeur-aw yeah, they like to watch. You’ve seen the smile on their face widen as they watches you climax. The rabbit vibe itself is not the voyeur in this situation, but rather a key player to the scene. He straps to your lover’s leg to provide a front row seat to all your contorted and satisfied faces. In this scenario, you'll need two components, the strap on thigh harness, and the Jack Rabbit ring, but I promise you, with these two items, someone will be getting a great show. BONUS: you can use them separately for all kinds of other play.

The Giver- Just as the name suggests this rabbit vibe straps onto your lover’s body and gives them the ability to pleasure you. Imagine feeling the weight of them on top of you as you're being massaged internally, vibrated internally, and deeply kissed passionately by the person wearing the vibe… ‘nuff said.

To purchase any of these products, message me for details, or shop online and enter coupon code: PLAYME for free shipping on your entire order.

Hear the entire show and reviews of some of these rabbits on Episode 11 on my show Play With Me on Playboy Radio.

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