Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bubble Love-a review of this bath time adventure toy!

Water is undeniably sexy.... there's something about the feeling of water lapping against your naked body, or dripping down your exposed flesh... even though the reality of sex on a warm sandy beach isn't as pleasurable as it sounds, we're still drawn to the fantasy of it.

It's about time that someone created a truly waterproof product that will allow women to fulfill these liquid fantasies in the comfort of their own bathtub, jacuzzi, or hell... dare I say, even a kiddie pool. That's right, this baby can work in as little as 6".... not that 6" is little...

So how does it work? When I first opened the box, I was a little confused, and afraid to break the sleek beauty. I went online to find instructions, and was thrilled to see a very adorable, easy to follow tutorial to get me set up.

Within minutes, I was ready to go. My hot bath was full, my body was tingling with anticipation, and I felt confident I could operate the equipment. I suctioned the motor to the base of my tub and fired her up. The flow of bubbles can be adjusted from a delicate tease to a blast of pressure. I was able to comfortably maneuver the stream of happiness to exactly the spot I wanted (unlike trying to position my lady parts below a water spout for any extended length of time). Success!! This toy definitely has what it takes to get the job done, but there's also the extras you can add on... Meet the Dilly...

He's hard, white, and girthy enough for most women's preferences... although may be a little much for women who don't want much to stimulate them internally. While I do like to masturbate this way sometimes, I found it a little less pleasurable than just using the bubbles alone. I also wasn't really prepared, and didn't have a silicone lube by the tub. Had I been a smart wanker, I would've been ready for anything. And as you might understand, once I was rub a dub-dubbing, I got too lazy to get out of the tub to grab my lube. It's okay though... there's always next time.

That's right, the Bubble Love is fully rechargeable, so feel free to use and abuse it. As long as you keep it juiced, it will be a faithful companion to your bath time adventures!

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