Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tune in Tokyo! Breast and Nipple play

We all remember the scene from Girl’s Just wanna have fun where the line, “Wanna play tune in Tokyo?” is delivered…. unless you’re simply not as old as I am… in which case, I’ll explain. Tune in Tokyo was the guy’s way of getting her hands up out of the way so he could cop a feel, and essentially play with the girl’s nipples. Men are notoriously fascinated with boobs, tits, fun bags, whatever other way you’d like to refer to breasts. But along with breasts, come the delicious little nubs of pleasure and delight, called nipples.

Nipples don’t get nearly enough play time. Generally when people talk about sex, it’s straight up P to V…. in different positions, if you’re lucky. And then if you’re really blessed, you might be able to include oral sex. I’m all about playing, and when I refer to sex, it includes any and every possible scenario! So let’s discuss the possibility and potential of nipple orgasms. Is it possible for a women to reach orgasm through the stimulation of her nipples alone?

According to fMRI studies, the same area of the brain is activated through nipple stimulation as is during clitoral, and vaginal stimulation. The sensory cortex is the activated in the same way during nipple stimulation, as it is during clitoral, vaginal, and cervical stimulation. So…. YES!!! You can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.

I must say however that tweaking a nipple, sucking it briefly during foreplay, and sucking it during sex for a moment does not constitute nipple play. Guys, does licking the tip of your penis equal a blow-job? Would grazing your anus with a tongue during a blow-job equal a rim-job? I think not. So unless you’re really focusing your attention on the nipples for a solid 10 minutes, it doesn’t count as nipple play.

That being said: Here are five tips for bringing them to orgasm through nipple stimulation.

1. Get them ready to play-kiss them deeply, touch their body, whisper in their ear.

2. Spend time lick and massaging the entire breast, without touching their nipples.

3. Lap their nipples and all around the areola with a flat, soft, wet tongue.

4. Use the thumb and fore-finger to lift the nipple off the breast, and flick and suck the nipples alternately.

Keep going…. invest the time, keep licking and sucking the nipples to bring them to orgasm.

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