Monday, January 3, 2011

Condoms for safe sex, now available as a fashion statement.

We all knew condoms were great for protecting us from unwanted disease and pregnancy, but who knew they could also help define your personality and maybe even help get you laid?!

OhMiBod created a special belt buckle to hold your love gloves in the easiest place to get to it when you need it most! You can get an assorted pack of One Condoms to change it up whenever you head out. Sizes for women and men so either sex can be stylishly ready for action. Their motto? "Buckle up before you cuddle up!"

The true fashion accessory is the condom itself however. One Condoms are so well packaged, you almost don't want to open them.... almost.

Check out their new contest for condom covers!

Want to get in on the fun? Design your own condom cover and if you win, you'll get a cash prize, a donation of condoms sent on your behalf, and of course a years supply for your own consensual indiscretions. Imagine dropping this line at a bar, "I designed this condom myself."

Not into the round packaging? Don't fret! Good things still come in square packages! David Bircham, a professional anime artist has teamed up with Ooo Boutique and created the "Art of Lust" line of artsy condoms.

Each of the three designs is a unique style of FDA approved condoms. The Feel Me is a sheer latex, the Savor me has three flavored condoms, and the Rock me features a flared design.... hmmm, does that mean it adds girth at the tip, or the base? I just had a weird image of a penis wearing a pair of bell-bottoms...

And lastly, but certainly not your last option when it comes to safe sex....

You can wear your politics in your pants!
Practice Safe Policy are condoms makers who like to stimulate conversations along with potential decision making. Palin condoms are perfect for those little reminders about making the right choice. Grab some with sayings like, "When Abortion is not an option," or "as thin as her resume," to show your prospective bed partners that you're an involved, educated, and responsible American. Obama and McCain condoms also available!

Not sure you want all this pizazz on your penis? Check out my article on other latex and non-latex condoms, but always practice safe sex!

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