Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part1-Sexy gift packages and games

Need tips for a sexy Valentine's day surprise for your lover? I've got the low down on new products to make it as romantic or erotic as you want! These are my pics for the big day....(it was a long post, so I broke it down into sections, part 2 and 3 on the way...)

New romantic packages and sexy games to play!
Grab these newly designed scratch cards to reveal an entire years worth of romantic ideas. Afterall, Valentine's day should be every day. Each kit comes with 26 cards for each of you! One set for him and one for her to read and perform. Really the black satin bag is the key. Whenever you see the black bag on the your pillow, you know it's ON!

Kinky Pleasures is an all new collection of scratch and reveal cards for those who want to take their lovemaking to the next level. Been married awhile? Need to rev up the relationship? Go for these truly kinky and seductive cards. Hell, you may not even have to open the box, the suggestion of what's inside could be enough to set both of your pants on fire!

Don't need all that? Grab the adult version of boxed candy that says what you really mean! Let's F*ck candy heart box is full of individually wrapped conversation hearts that say it like you mean it! Quotes like "F*ck me silly" and "I'm Easy" are just a few of the surprising candies inside.... perfect for those ladies who aren't good at talking dirty! Y'know, all the things you want to say in bed, but you feel silly saying?

Kama Sutra's Cupid Collection sets the mood, provides the game, and the tools to make your Valentine's night one of the sexiest ever! KS's description, "This exploratory gift set allows lovers to discover the pleasure of the unknown. Gently tie the satin blindfold around the eyes to remove the sense of sight and allow your sense of touch, taste, smell and hearing to heighten and guide you through the pleasure of your love. Featured in this playful gift set are: Red satin blindfold, Strawberry Honey dust with feather tickler and lightly scented silk rose petals to create your romantic setting."

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