Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part2-Sensual Body Products

New sensual body products!

Lelo's Limited Edition Soy Massage candle is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. The box is beautiflly designed to evoke a sense of romance, and inside is their Black PEPPER AND POMEGRANATE scented soy candle. The candle boasts a burn time of up to 36 hours, and once the candle is gone, the glass jar is perfect for storing sexy things on your nightstand or countertop. If you don't care about the limited edition box, you can also choose from their other erotic infusions:

Rich, creamy, and silky smooth; indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable top note of vanilla that gives way to the intoxicating aroma of crème de cacao.

Light and crisp as a breeze off the surf; set yourself adrift on the playful waves of cedarwood accented with a enticing top note of snow pear.

What says Valentine's Day like chocolate?

Kama Sutra announces new flavors of body paint!
Their best selling chocolate body paint is now available in Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Rich Caramel. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry tastes like a dessert liquor, while the Rich Caramel is tasty enough to pour onto your favorite vanilla ice cream. Either flavor is the perfect thing for edible play.

What KS has to say, "For those who have been tempted by their creative side, indulge your artistic muse with this decadently rich body paint. Includes your choice of Lover's Body Paint and a supple paintbrush to create your masterpiece. Note: Refrigerate after opening; to reheat, microwave briefly on a low setting or place the jar in warm water .... if there's any left over!"

Part 3- "Getting Wild" is coming soon....

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