Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part3-Getting Wild!

Wanna get wild? Get these!

Tired of giving and receiving the same old boring roses? Grab this vibrating rose couples ring from Hustler Toys instead! Or better yet, grab 11 red roses and add this one to the bouquet.

You're so getting laid!

And when you do, it'll give her stimulation right where she wants it most, and you get to deliver it to her while it provides you with added tingles too. Need me to draw a map? Just shoot me an email :)

Liberator's limited edition heart wedge doubles as both sex furniture and decorative pillow! This cute wedge is available in multiple colors to match your bedroom, and has the same great shape to enhance your lovemaking. Lay over the slope and tilt your pelvis to expose nerve endings to enhance pleasure during oral sex or penetration. Great for either partner, this wedge may just become your new best friend.

On by Sensuva was launched last year, but is now gaining momentum as the best stimulating product for women, and let me tell you, it works! At the toy show I sampled it on my tongue, but at home, I put it where it belongs.... oh baby. It really does travel as it is absorbed by the body. It starts warm and tingly on the external parts (clitoris, labia) but then as your intercourse begins, it travels deeper to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal canal, providing you with an erotic experience normally only achieved through "other" less legal methods. This transforms the monotonous romp into the blissful desire you watch in the movies, or while reading books.... "men are more interesting in books than in real life"-The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows Until you've tried ON!

Kama Sutra's Impulse Stimulating gel and vibrating roll-on applicator. Smart! Obviously if you've got a vibrator applying the stimulating gel to your clitoris, you're going to get more blood pumping. At a suggested retail of $19.95, it's totally worth a try! The battery power seemed a little weak, but it's an "ap-pli-ca-tor" afterall :) Smart people at Kama Sutra!

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