Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's in your vibe?

With more and more people concerned about plastics, chemicals, and their overall health and wellness, it comes as no surprise that we're concerned about what's in our toys too!

Most of the original vibrators were made from hard plastic. Hard plastic vibes are lubricant friendly, and can be used with water-based, or silicone lubes. The inexpensive material is widely used, and transfers vibrations well. This material is safe, and does not contain the controversial phthalates we have heard so much about. Hard plastic can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

Later, softer materials for toys were introduced. Jelly toys come from a porous rubber material with chemical phthalates added. While there have been no conclusive studies on phthalates in sex toys, the use of these materials in our children's toys has been banned. These toys generally have a strong smell when you open the package, and can feel sticky or tacky. You can use a condom on your jelly toy if you are concerned about exposure to phthalates. Only water-based lubricant is recommended for jelly toys. Clean your jelly toys with mild soap and water, or toy cleaner, and store in a cool, dry place, rather than an airtight container.

Silicone was introduced to sex toys in the 1980's, and is widely used and popular today. While it is the most popular materials for toys, not all silicones are created equal. Medical grade silicone is hypoallergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable, and even dishwasher safe. Some resources suggest that silicone lubricants may not be used on silicone toys, but they can. We recommend doing a patch test if you are not sure of the grade of silicone.

Elastomer is a compound that does not contain phthalates. It starts out soft and has products added to make it harder (unlike PVC that has chemicals added to make it softer). There are no solvents or latex in Elastomer. Water based and silicone lubricants can be used with these toys. Keep it clean with soap and water.Latex is made from rubber. These toys wear out faster, and can be harmful to people with latex allergies. This material is very porous; therefore, toys made of latex should not be shared unless used with condoms. Mild soap and water, or toy cleaner can be used to clean latex toys, but using condoms makes it easy and fast!

Glass is gaining popularity, and is one of my favorite materials for toys. While some women consider this firm material scary, we have grown up with it. We use it in our kitchens on a daily basis, and know it's safety and durability. It also requires little lubrication, making it ideal for all kinds of intimate play. Even though it is difficult to break, be sure to inspect glass toys before each use. You can clean glass with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, bleach, in boiling water, or the dishwasher!

The bottom line is: whatever you use on or in your body, be sure to choose, clean and store them carefully. Your toys will give you many moments of pleasure, so like your human lover, choose well and play responsibly!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glass toys-Dangerous or delicious?

If you've ever heard me talk about glass toys, you know... they're my favorite! Not just because they are gorgeous, but because they are non-porous. This doesn't sound sexy, I know, but what non-porous means to us ladies, is many pleasurable things.

For example, the clitoris is comprised of multiple areas. (See diagram below) The glans clitoris is full of dendrites (nerve endings) which makes the glans clitoris very sensitive. The clitoral hood is there to protect the little "man in the boat" most of the time, but occasionally our partners get too ambitious and pull that baby back before we're ready... yikes!

With a non-porous toy such as glass, there is no friction created between the toy and our glans clitoris. So, it can easily glide over the area, without creating the untouchable sensation many women experience with a porous toy, tongue or finger. This is what also makes it a great choice for anal play. (be sure to use one with a base for anal play)

Dangerous? Not unless you are using a piece that is broken or chipped, so make sure to inspect toys before use and store them in a safe place wrapped in something padded or soft to protect it. Glass toys are similar to the cooking and baking glass Pyrex, and you know if you've ever broken one, that they generally break in chunks and do not shatter.

Now onto the good stuff! Glass can be heated or cooled, meaning more intense pleasure for you! Whether you prefer the initial cold glass between your legs, or in the anus, or the feeling of the warm glass that your body has heated.... it feels gooooood!

I recommend playing with your glass toys! Put a bowl of warm water, and ice water by the bed so you or your partner can change up the temperature, and enjoy the unique sensations of each. Slide it over the entire external vaginal area as foreplay, and then use internally for G-spot, or vaginal stimulation while you use tongue finger or vibrating toy for clitoral stimulation.

A few glass toys I recommend...
PyreXions glass has some amazing artistic and functional glass pieces, and I had the pleasure of taking one for a test drive! The piece was delicate and smooth, with a slight curve for G-spot stimulation.

Definitely a great choice for anyone who is looking to add a toy to their arsenal that can be used in several different ways. Because glass is non-porous, it is also easier to keep clean, and does not harbor bacteria like other toys can. Check out their website for the full selection! www.PyreXions.com

Boutique by Party Gals
also carries a couple of glass pieces that I personally have tried and recommend. The Daisy is a cute first glass piece that is small enough to be non-threatening, but has the bumps and texture that many women will love.

The Pink Odyssey is a seldom seen vibrating glass toy that is larger for those who like 'em big! It is also a realistic shape of a penis with an ample mushroom tip. Both vibes come with a padded velvet bag for safe and discreet storage.

Whichever toy you decide to choose for yourself or your lover will most likely be a hit as long as your intentions are pure. Remember that pleasure is the purpose and take your time to discover how you or your partner like these toys used best.