Monday, June 21, 2010

Wanna get drilled?

Not the most romantic thing you've ever heard, I'm guessing? (And with the current situation in the Gulf, you might be afraid of bursting something and having uncontrolled leakage.) If you can set aside your need for seduction, and your environmentally friendly may just find some mind-blowing orgasms.

The new Power Bumper is far from sexy, but big on satisfaction. It actually doesn't look that intimidating, right? Cute little pink bumps on what appears to be a regular multi-function vibe.... but when you power it up, you'll want to make sure you've got time to spend with your new friend. The vibrating clitoral stimulator isn't low-to-high speed, it's low and high frequency. An option rarely seen in the world of pleasure products. Either setting is extremely powerful, for those of you who need some intense vibrations, but the difference in frequencies is truly an experience.

Then comes the shaft....
We've seen the rotating ball bearings and jumbling pearls, but this baby has rotation that doesn't give. Many times you can grab the shaft of a multi-function vibe and stop the pearls or balls from rotating. The Power Bumper continues drilling no matter how hard you squeeze! I don't think I need to express to the ladies what a fabulous feature this is! The hundreds of tiny bumps that adorn the entire unit make for a textured shag you won't forget. Make sure to use some lubrication prior to insertion, or wait for your body to be naturally ready and lubricated for action, otherwise the initial penetration might be less than pleasurable.

Cal Exotics says it's made of unscented TPR, but the scent when first opened is a little pungent. It's material is a thin "skin" over the mechanics, and is easy to clean before and after use. It take four AA's to power up this hard core lover, but you won't be disappointed that you had to steal them out of BOTH of your remote controls.

Want one of your own? Contact me to find out where to get it.