Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's Jack got?! New Thrusting action!

I wrote an article about Jack Rabbits years ago, attesting to their amazing ability to give women quick, satisfying, and multiple orgasms. Now they've upped the ante. These new Thrusting Jack Rabbit vibes from Cal Exotics really know how to... ahem... stick it to you!

The "Original" Jack Rabbit has had women at hello for the past several years, so it's about time they came up with some intense upgrades to give us something to wish for! The new waterproof Thrusting Jack Rabbit is made with TPE and it's controls are fully encompassed within the big boy itself. He stands at just over 11" but only 4.75 of those is insertable, with a vibrating, pulsating, and escalating rabbit to tickle your clitoris! With five rows of stimulating balls, you're almost GUARANTEED an orgasm or two. Three rows that thrust as the lower two rows spin for stimulation at the vaginal introitus (opening), which is where you have the most nerve endings aside from the beloved clitoris.

The question is, "How lazy do you want to be?" This toy will literally do ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! You won't even need to move it in or out to find the right spot. It will simulate penetration in a 1/2 inch area, providing enough excitement to get you off.

A great multifunction vibe for the couple who likes to play together. He can turn it on and watch her writhe. Only requires 4 AA batteries for nights of endless pleasure!

Need one for your toy box? Get a thrusting vibe here!

And here's the old article for your enjoyment (and convenience)!
Girls of today are paying their own way, opening their own doors and getting themselves off, so what’s a guy to do? Spy on the competition! He’s got a true 6.5” shaft, that’s made of pink jelly, filled with rotating pearls, and has a vibrating rabbit that is positioned exactly where she wants it! Not only does he supply multiple O’s in record time, but he’s ready to go at the drop off a hat and turns off with the click of a button.

The good news? “JACK” doesn’t kiss back. Most women include french kissing as the #1 thing they want in a sexual encounter. See, we still need you for something! But don’t fool yourselves boys, we don’t always want to be kissed or even talked to. The Nielsen Net Ratings reports show that over 25% of the people logging into adult websites are women. That’s more than 10 million in December of last year alone! Women are just as interested in sex as you are. And surprise! We don’t necessarily require conversation, validation, or to be “held” afterwards. If you think you’re enough to satify her every desire, think again. 75% of women the age of 25-34 own atleast one sex toy .

So how do you compete? Beat him at his own game! You are delicious sensual flesh, you have the abs, the arms and the ass we love to squeeze! Add a vibrating cock ring to your piece d’resistance and voila! You have become the ultimate jack rabbit! One who is capable of completely engaging us in hours of sexual bliss. Or buy one for your girl and watch her eyes (and legs) open wide.... Bring Jack into your foreplay routine and she’ll be like warm butter when you finally get your turn. Sloppy seconds? Hardly! The truth is that the vaginal walls contract (tighten) during orgasm. Get her off once or twice before you thrust your love muscle, and you’ll both be happier you did.

There’s something to be learned from Jack.... Jack’s only quest in life is to please the ladies, and he does it with ease. He only requires three “C” batteries and a little cleanup in between. So next time you dive into her oasis consider this: You are replaceable.

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Dirty" Hanukkah?- Why can't I find any sexy Hanukkah gifts?

If you're celebrating Hanukkah, you will be busy trying to find sexy gifts for the Festival of Lights. There are several thousand options for Naughty Stocking stuffers and Sexy Santa costumes for gentiles, but a whole lot of nothing for those of you "zitsn oyf shpilkes" when the lights go down on the those eight nights!

What's a horny Jew to do?! Stop shvitsn, I searched some fun ideas for a sexy night (or all eight) to remember!

1. Start with a sexy Hanukkah card to get the week off to a great start. Make sure you write some sexy plans for the nights to come, or at least promise some fun footsy under the table, after you pass the kugel....

2. Play a game of Strip Dreidel!

Instead of scoring coins, candies, or pretzels, you'll get to score some action.
Nun - Nisht - the player doesn't take anything off, or put anything on.
Gimmel - Gantz - the player must remove an undergarment.
Hey - Halb - The player puts on an article of clothing from the "pot."
Shin - Shtel - The player removes an article of clothing and places it into the "pot."

3. Find a new way to enjoy your gelt!
After a game of "Strip" dreidel, be sure to put those golden coins to good use. Melt them down and use a paintbrush (you can buy a small one at the hardware store for under $1) to brush sweet nothings on your lover's body. Or stay in the spirit of Hanukkah and paint the star of David. Hey, who I am to judge? If melting the chocolate is too much work, you can buy chocolate sauce and brush here... but it's not kosher.

4. Spice up the Brisket!
Make your nights heat up with the help of a natural aphrodisiac, Cayenne. The spice, when ingested, dilates the blood vessels increasing circulation to all the major organs. It is believed that cayenne aids in longer lasting erections, with stronger ejaculations and more intense orgasms.

5. Set the mood with sexy Hanukkah music! It's not all "I have a little dreidel" out there... there's plenty of cool jew music available to stay in the holiday spirit without making you feel like you're a kid. This talented band has put an Indy spin on making fun music about Jewish traditions, a la Adam Sandler, but with a funky beat. The actual words kinda sneak up on you! In fact, I'd even play their "Nun, Gimmel, Heh, Shin" track while playing Strip Dreidel...

There's also a great electro disco track from Kitsune:complilation 6 entitled Hanukkah, this compilation of various artists on the Hanukkah Lounge, a perfect soundtrack to your night of sipping martinis or scotch while you enjoy the company of friends and family. And of course, you always have Matisyahu

6. Give them the gift of pleasure.
Not all your gift giving needs to be practical! Give them a beautiful glass toy to enhance your lovelife, and stay in the spirit of the Holiday. YES, it is blue and white, and it even lights up!! What could be more perfect?

7. Add new positions to your lovemaking!
Liberator shapes are an amazing addition to your bedroom. The woman's pelvis is lifted to just the right position for G-spot stimulation and gives her access to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. The man gets the benefit of maintaining positions effortlessly to enjoy angles without killing his lower back... let's face it, who really enjoys manual labor?

8. Dress up for the Occasion!
Who says there's no sexy Hanukkah fairy? Slip into this costume, and make all his dreams comes true!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm sensitive to Latex Condoms, what choices do I have in protection?

As a woman, you have choices. If I were choosing a non-latex condom, the new polyisoprene would be my first inclination. There are however, other options you should be aware of before you let the love glove slide in unnoticed.... which I realize can easily happen. I mean, who really inspects the package, let along the condom before he slides it on? If you're the one applying the protection, maybe you're checking it out. If you're not-consider doing a quick once over before he tosses the package, afterall... all protection is NOT created equal. (don't worry guys, your MAGNUM's are made of latex)

That being said, what are some brands of non-latex condoms for those who are interested in safe sex? I recently discovered Lifestyles new SKYN condoms, released to the US in 2008. They are a Polyisoprene material versus the less than adequate option we've had up to this point, polyurethane. This new revolutionary material has achieved FDA approval for pregnancy and STD protection, while providing a more natural feel for both partners, maintaining the strength of latex while boasting the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom.

Then you have the less reliable polyurethane, which I realize may have been the only option til recent, for those gals out there with latex allergies. Yikes! These babies are not FDA approved for safe protection against STD's or unwanted pregnancy, and have been know to break easily. Should you encounter a man using these condoms, you may want to take notice and make a choice that could affect your evening.... and the rest of your life.

If you're a crunchy type and wonder what you could use to keep the sex natural, you can opt for the Lamb skin condoms, which are NOT proven to protect against STD's but are considered effective against pregnancy. So if you're simply looking for contraception, this could be a viable option for you. Be warned, they are more expensive than the synthetics and may not be as aromatically pleasing.

So what do these "other" condoms look like?

There are many women and men out there who would prefer to go bareback than use condoms, but thankfully we care more about our bodies and our partners than to risk the long-term, and potentially life-threatening consequences that could result.

While you may not like the feel of latex condoms, it is still recommended (by the FDA) that only people with LATEX ALLERGIES use non-latex condoms for their protection from Sexually Transmitted diseases.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With new "touch" technology, you might confuse your iTap with your iPhone

iTap has hit the market as the easy to use vibrator that changes speeds and functions with the tap of a finger, so for all those who love their touch screen iPhones, you may have to add this new gadget to your collection of technology.

With a simple yet sleek design, the iTap touch sensitive vibes are a collection of slim vibrators, insertable eggs, and bullet vibes. They are available in subdued pastels of pink, lavender, and a creamy white and are coated in a silky soft Velvet Cote over hard plastic. A sensual material if you're looking for something in between a hard material, and a floppy jelly.

As a big supporter of sex toys, I love the new technology! I feel that in adding this feature to our battery operated lovers, we take some of the mechanics out of the equation, allowing us to feel completely in the moment, lingering our fingers loosely, instead of rigidly around our toys. Fantasies can continue from low to high vibrations without having to disrupt our thoughts to consciously flip a switch.

Of course the G-spot design, slim probe, and both egg and bullet vibes still provide the quality vibrations and functions that Cal Exotics is know for. The new touch sensitive iTap Collection is worth a try for anyone from beginner to aficionado.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Relationships strengthen during times of hardship... or is it that they just can't afford to get divorced?

I've been reading article upon article about how the divorce rate in this country is expected to be the lowest since 1970, and every source claims that it is simply due to the fact that couples cannot afford to go through the costly legal process of divorce. Supporting two separate family dwellings is certainly more expensive than one, but are we really this detached from one another that we can't fathom or promote another reason for couples staying together during these hard times?

I propose that there is a sector of the population that may have been unhappy enough to divorce, and may even still be able to find reasons to divorce their partner, but have kicked into survival mode instead. Whether they have rekindled, forgiven, or are simply tolerating their spouse, aren't some of these couples making it work?

I have friends who fit into the too expensive to divorce category, or so they say. I believe that in times of trouble, we are inclined to hold on to what is dearest to us. I believe that we stay connected to friends and family more, not ignore the human desire to belong.

What authority do I have to back up my theories? I have been married three times, divorced twice, and certainly know the difference between a happy relationship and a not so happy one. I have seen friends marry for the wrong reasons, and people who are not happy stay together. Being a suburban mom, I see couples everyday who are most likely keeping it together for the kids, but for money? I think not. Money is a crutch, it's an excuse.

I expect more from the people of this country. They may be afraid to start again. They may have insecurities about who would take them in their less than "young, single, and beautiful" state, but they still have an innate need to love and be loved. Humans are capable and exceptional beings. We can create the happiness we so desperately lack, if we choose to employ those skills. Some of us just need a reminder. So why do we focus on the negative, instead of facilitating a happy relationship?

A non-profit group in Arkansas called FamilyLife offered a free marriage counseling conference for people who had recently lost their jobs. Their intention was to give these people an option to letting the stress of unemployment and financial crisis break up their marriages. ONE positive article among PAGES of Google results. They wanted to empower these couples to again commit to being a team and getting through this time TOGETHER. Kudos!

Many of the men and women I meet really love their spouses. They may hold resentments for indiscretions, but ultimately they have proven to me that we are a compassionate species. Many of our upbringings have led us to a limited view of what a committed relationship looks like. We have suggested it is merely a way for two people to achieve success in worldly acquisitions. Marriage has become a business. We have forgotten the emotion in the relationship between partners. We fear sexuality, we fear our partner's needs for sexuality, thus creating a huge space between us. Sometimes, all we need is to reconnect on a level that is pure. Experience the emotions of love and elation. Take the time to feel instead of judge. Forget the money, the stress, the bills, and be thankful and present in who you are, and what your relationships bring to you. Ask everything of you partner, and be open to giving them everything in return.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Electric Vibes-a modern version of the "power tools" from the past

I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to plug in vibes, not because the power is inadequate, but because the mobility of sex is taken away. Electric vibes are usually large cumbersome machines with enough power to blast your clitoris into the next galaxy. The handles are heavy and stiff, making them difficult for partner play in certain positions.

When I received the new Power G and Mini Massager from Cal Exotics, I was excited to see a rechargeable vibe... oh wait... not rechargeable... power cord only... really? Can't we manage to produce a rechargeable version?

I plugged in the My Mini Miracle Massager first. I found the ergonomically shaped handle to be much easier to use for clitoral stimulation. The tip of the massager is smaller and more oval-shaped than larger hand held massagers, but it still sends intense vibrations throughout your ENTIRE pelvic area. Hmm, could be good for partner play in a variety of positions. Over the clothes is enough to bring on immediate orgasms, but direct contact isn't overkill. Two speeds makes for varied sensations. Start out on low, then when you need a little increase, push the switch the high.

This massager will definitely get the job done, I'd love to see the attachments! (there are two) I highly recommend using this massager for couples sex. Try it in with her on top, and instead of using the stimulator on her, keep it deep in his pelvic bone. He'll reach orgasms comparable to the female version of clitoral/vaginal stimulation at the same time.... and let's face it ladies, we know how that feels! Or try it in doggie style, and use the stimulation directly on her clitoris. Either way, both partners are experiencing toe-curling O's. Whether you're a straight, gay or lesbian couple, this one definitely needs to be added to your bedside table. Who knows, you may actually use it for a neck or back massage sometime.. huh!

Now for the Power G! Again, I wish it was a rechargeable, but hey... can't have everything.. or can you?

The original Chubby G is a vibe I am very familiar with. I've sold several of these well designed vibes, despite their less than desirable materials. I was thrilled to see that they've upgraded the material for these to a new safe plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE.

Shaped to reach her G-spot, the Power G is also equipped with an all-over labia stimulator. With all of the nerve endings around the opening of the vagina, it makes sense to have ticklers in just the right spot. The plastic is pliable, making the Power G a good one for grinding. Great for solo play, or using on your partner. Can also be used as a prostate massager for those who can handle a bigger, er...shaft. Just make sure to use plenty of lube, as the TPE isn't as slick as glass or hard plastic.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I NEED LUBE! .. and I'm sensitive to almost everything. What can you recommend?

Choosing the right lubricant isn't easy for everyone, but with a little information, you can make an informed choice, and "slide" back into your sex life!

In the past there were limited options for lubricant. Most of us just grabbed whatever was available at the super market, and tried to hide it in our groceries with the hair products and tampons, hoping the checker wouldn't look up. Those brands used to be the medical choice of our Gyno's making it a rather un-sexy thing to shop for.

But now, the times have changed, and the world of lubricant is limitless!

These days were all reading labels, and living green, so what exactly are parabens, how does glycerin effect you, and which lube is best?

Parabens (Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben) are ingredients widely used in our cosmetics and food to preserve and inhibit bacterial growth, however the reason many people are avoiding them is that parabens can mimic the human hormone estrogen, which is known to contribute to the development of breast cancer.

Glycerin has gotten a bad reputation for being called "sweet." While it is a sweet-tasting alcohol derived from soapmaking, it is not sugar. The humectant properties are most likely what cause women who are prone to yeast infections get them during use. So if you're prone to yeast, I would steer clear of anything that MIGHT make it worse.

Now, which lube is best? Here's a chart I've put together to help you make an overly informed choice. My favorites for water based are the WET Naturals, Kama Sutra Love Liquid, and Intimate Organics. Silicone is a tie-between WET platinum and Slip for her, or Slide for him. But ultimately, it depends on your body and your preferences. It may take a couple of bottles to find the one or two you like best. If you're at a home party, store, or sex-positive workshop, see if they've got a sample size for you to try!

Lubricant type:Water-Based
Why?: Water-based lube is a great all around lubricant for all types of intercourse and toys.
Why not?: Some people find that it doesn’t last as long, and re-application is needed. Also washed off in the water. Some people experience reactions to Parabens or Glycerin used in some brands.

Lubricant type:Silicone Based
Why?: Silicone based lube is ideal for situations that involve water, like hot tubs or showers. The lube will not rinse off with water, but can be cleaned up easily with soap and water.
Why not?: Should not be used with SOME silicone toys, as it will break down the integrity of the material, if it's not a high-grade medical silicone. Not sure what your toy's made of? Simply do a patch test somewhere you won't mind the defect if deteriorates.

Lubricant type:Oil Based lube
Why?: Long lasting, and slick, this lubricant is ideal for many, as some brands boast all natural ingredients.
Why not?: Past reports have suggested oil-based lubes to initiating yeast infections and breaking down latex condoms. Other reports suggest that mineral oil is not linked to yeast infections, and recent advances in condoms are creating the safe use of oil based lube with Polyurethane. Know your body, and your ingredients, and make an educated choice.

Lubricant type:Water-based Gel
Why?: Thicker than it’s water-based sister, this lube is less likely to be absorbed as quickly,
Why not?: Some people think it has a tendency to get sticky.

Lubricant type:Flavored Lube
Why?: Great for performing oral sex, these lubes add some flavor to your lovemaking! Especially if you like to get your mouth involved again once the play has already begun!
Why not?: Be careful of flavored lubes that contain sugar. Sugar will affect the PH levels of the vagina and can cause yeast infections. Read your labels! Many brands have reformulated their ingredients with this in mind.

Lubricant type:Warming Lube
Why?: Warming lube is wonderful for people who want to feel the heat during intercourse or genital massage.
Why not?: Some may contain oils, so be sure to check the labels. Brands differ in level of intensity depending on the person, and some can have a chemical taste.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's in your vibe?

With more and more people concerned about plastics, chemicals, and their overall health and wellness, it comes as no surprise that we're concerned about what's in our toys too!

Most of the original vibrators were made from hard plastic. Hard plastic vibes are lubricant friendly, and can be used with water-based, or silicone lubes. The inexpensive material is widely used, and transfers vibrations well. This material is safe, and does not contain the controversial phthalates we have heard so much about. Hard plastic can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

Later, softer materials for toys were introduced. Jelly toys come from a porous rubber material with chemical phthalates added. While there have been no conclusive studies on phthalates in sex toys, the use of these materials in our children's toys has been banned. These toys generally have a strong smell when you open the package, and can feel sticky or tacky. You can use a condom on your jelly toy if you are concerned about exposure to phthalates. Only water-based lubricant is recommended for jelly toys. Clean your jelly toys with mild soap and water, or toy cleaner, and store in a cool, dry place, rather than an airtight container.

Silicone was introduced to sex toys in the 1980's, and is widely used and popular today. While it is the most popular materials for toys, not all silicones are created equal. Medical grade silicone is hypoallergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable, and even dishwasher safe. Some resources suggest that silicone lubricants may not be used on silicone toys, but they can. We recommend doing a patch test if you are not sure of the grade of silicone.

Elastomer is a compound that does not contain phthalates. It starts out soft and has products added to make it harder (unlike PVC that has chemicals added to make it softer). There are no solvents or latex in Elastomer. Water based and silicone lubricants can be used with these toys. Keep it clean with soap and water.Latex is made from rubber. These toys wear out faster, and can be harmful to people with latex allergies. This material is very porous; therefore, toys made of latex should not be shared unless used with condoms. Mild soap and water, or toy cleaner can be used to clean latex toys, but using condoms makes it easy and fast!

Glass is gaining popularity, and is one of my favorite materials for toys. While some women consider this firm material scary, we have grown up with it. We use it in our kitchens on a daily basis, and know it's safety and durability. It also requires little lubrication, making it ideal for all kinds of intimate play. Even though it is difficult to break, be sure to inspect glass toys before each use. You can clean glass with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, bleach, in boiling water, or the dishwasher!

The bottom line is: whatever you use on or in your body, be sure to choose, clean and store them carefully. Your toys will give you many moments of pleasure, so like your human lover, choose well and play responsibly!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glass toys-Dangerous or delicious?

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