Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm sensitive to Latex Condoms, what choices do I have in protection?

As a woman, you have choices. If I were choosing a non-latex condom, the new polyisoprene would be my first inclination. There are however, other options you should be aware of before you let the love glove slide in unnoticed.... which I realize can easily happen. I mean, who really inspects the package, let along the condom before he slides it on? If you're the one applying the protection, maybe you're checking it out. If you're not-consider doing a quick once over before he tosses the package, afterall... all protection is NOT created equal. (don't worry guys, your MAGNUM's are made of latex)

That being said, what are some brands of non-latex condoms for those who are interested in safe sex? I recently discovered Lifestyles new SKYN condoms, released to the US in 2008. They are a Polyisoprene material versus the less than adequate option we've had up to this point, polyurethane. This new revolutionary material has achieved FDA approval for pregnancy and STD protection, while providing a more natural feel for both partners, maintaining the strength of latex while boasting the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom.

Then you have the less reliable polyurethane, which I realize may have been the only option til recent, for those gals out there with latex allergies. Yikes! These babies are not FDA approved for safe protection against STD's or unwanted pregnancy, and have been know to break easily. Should you encounter a man using these condoms, you may want to take notice and make a choice that could affect your evening.... and the rest of your life.

If you're a crunchy type and wonder what you could use to keep the sex natural, you can opt for the Lamb skin condoms, which are NOT proven to protect against STD's but are considered effective against pregnancy. So if you're simply looking for contraception, this could be a viable option for you. Be warned, they are more expensive than the synthetics and may not be as aromatically pleasing.

So what do these "other" condoms look like?

There are many women and men out there who would prefer to go bareback than use condoms, but thankfully we care more about our bodies and our partners than to risk the long-term, and potentially life-threatening consequences that could result.

While you may not like the feel of latex condoms, it is still recommended (by the FDA) that only people with LATEX ALLERGIES use non-latex condoms for their protection from Sexually Transmitted diseases.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With new "touch" technology, you might confuse your iTap with your iPhone

iTap has hit the market as the easy to use vibrator that changes speeds and functions with the tap of a finger, so for all those who love their touch screen iPhones, you may have to add this new gadget to your collection of technology.

With a simple yet sleek design, the iTap touch sensitive vibes are a collection of slim vibrators, insertable eggs, and bullet vibes. They are available in subdued pastels of pink, lavender, and a creamy white and are coated in a silky soft Velvet Cote over hard plastic. A sensual material if you're looking for something in between a hard material, and a floppy jelly.

As a big supporter of sex toys, I love the new technology! I feel that in adding this feature to our battery operated lovers, we take some of the mechanics out of the equation, allowing us to feel completely in the moment, lingering our fingers loosely, instead of rigidly around our toys. Fantasies can continue from low to high vibrations without having to disrupt our thoughts to consciously flip a switch.

Of course the G-spot design, slim probe, and both egg and bullet vibes still provide the quality vibrations and functions that Cal Exotics is know for. The new touch sensitive iTap Collection is worth a try for anyone from beginner to aficionado.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Relationships strengthen during times of hardship... or is it that they just can't afford to get divorced?

I've been reading article upon article about how the divorce rate in this country is expected to be the lowest since 1970, and every source claims that it is simply due to the fact that couples cannot afford to go through the costly legal process of divorce. Supporting two separate family dwellings is certainly more expensive than one, but are we really this detached from one another that we can't fathom or promote another reason for couples staying together during these hard times?

I propose that there is a sector of the population that may have been unhappy enough to divorce, and may even still be able to find reasons to divorce their partner, but have kicked into survival mode instead. Whether they have rekindled, forgiven, or are simply tolerating their spouse, aren't some of these couples making it work?

I have friends who fit into the too expensive to divorce category, or so they say. I believe that in times of trouble, we are inclined to hold on to what is dearest to us. I believe that we stay connected to friends and family more, not ignore the human desire to belong.

What authority do I have to back up my theories? I have been married three times, divorced twice, and certainly know the difference between a happy relationship and a not so happy one. I have seen friends marry for the wrong reasons, and people who are not happy stay together. Being a suburban mom, I see couples everyday who are most likely keeping it together for the kids, but for money? I think not. Money is a crutch, it's an excuse.

I expect more from the people of this country. They may be afraid to start again. They may have insecurities about who would take them in their less than "young, single, and beautiful" state, but they still have an innate need to love and be loved. Humans are capable and exceptional beings. We can create the happiness we so desperately lack, if we choose to employ those skills. Some of us just need a reminder. So why do we focus on the negative, instead of facilitating a happy relationship?

A non-profit group in Arkansas called FamilyLife offered a free marriage counseling conference for people who had recently lost their jobs. Their intention was to give these people an option to letting the stress of unemployment and financial crisis break up their marriages. ONE positive article among PAGES of Google results. They wanted to empower these couples to again commit to being a team and getting through this time TOGETHER. Kudos!

Many of the men and women I meet really love their spouses. They may hold resentments for indiscretions, but ultimately they have proven to me that we are a compassionate species. Many of our upbringings have led us to a limited view of what a committed relationship looks like. We have suggested it is merely a way for two people to achieve success in worldly acquisitions. Marriage has become a business. We have forgotten the emotion in the relationship between partners. We fear sexuality, we fear our partner's needs for sexuality, thus creating a huge space between us. Sometimes, all we need is to reconnect on a level that is pure. Experience the emotions of love and elation. Take the time to feel instead of judge. Forget the money, the stress, the bills, and be thankful and present in who you are, and what your relationships bring to you. Ask everything of you partner, and be open to giving them everything in return.