Monday, November 15, 2010

College Coeds rejoice! There's a new way to stay up all night long...

The Shane's World Sorority party vibe is a colorful and powerful waterproof probe that can handle any subject! Are you a beginner? Use this vibe to help you find all the spots that make you squeal! Intense vibrations are great for stimulating the clitoris and outer labia, and the smooth probe glides easily for vaginal insertion.

Feeling a little frisky? Use the slim probe for some anal adventures, but make sure not to let it go, this probe has no base, and no retrieval cords, which leaves you to this dismaying challenge, trying to find a way to get it out! (should it happen to get sucked into your anal canal....)

My overall take on the vibe:
I dig the color and the velvety soft material. Every gal should have a standard issue vibe, one that doesn't require an owner's manual and gets the job done. While we may love our rabbits, sometimes we just like some plain ole insertion. I'm not that excited about the packaging, I would probably never pull this one off a store wall, but once it's out of the plastic clamshell and the image of the dumb college nymph is out of mind, you'll be able to love it like your own.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

National Sex Toy Day!

My Pleasure is giving away 1000 free vibrators and other goodies in honor of National Sex Toy Day! Grab yours here and get your buzz on!

Don't want the free vibe? Get 50% off anything in stock at Domestic Goddess Studio and Romance Boutique through November 15th! Just make an appointment to come by and shop for sexy products and sensual vibes!

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