Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Double Penetration can involve a myriad of configurations! Double penetration isn’t just designated for penis to vagina and penis to anus combinations. DP’s can also be double vaginal or double anal, and can involve one, two, or three people!

Solo DP’s

Thanks to the creative geniuses behind pleasure products, DP’s are accessible to solo players as well! You can use double-headed dildos, dual shafted vibrators, or two separate toys to penetrate your orifices. Some even have suction cup bases to make it easier to ride them cowgirl or back it up in the shower.

Partner DVP’s and DAP’s

Double vaginal and double anal penetration can be done solo, or with a partner, or two! While two penises attached to two bodies is a little more challenging, it can be extremely pleasurable for everyone involved. You definitely want to have lube on hand (latex friendly lube if you’re using condoms for safety), and some stamina. You can have one penis wearing partner laying on a bed, or sitting in a chair, straddle the receiver on top of them facing forward or away, with the second penis entering once the first is inserted. Both penises will be stimulated by the sliding against each other, and everyone will notice the increased tightness of the orifice. The givers will feel more compression and sensation of the other, and the receiver will feel more fullness and stretching of the opening. A suspension system is also a great way to make positioning easier for this type of play.

If only one additional partner is included, they can wear a dual penetration ring to add the extra insertion to the mix, or use a separate dildo or vibrator manually.

For those who are new to double vaginal or anal penetration, couples toys like the Lelo Tiani are a great starter toy. The inserted piece is slim and vibrates, increasing sensations for both parties while adding the extra girth.

Regardless of the type of double penetration, lube is an absolute must. The opening of the vaginal and anal canals are thin skinned and can tear easily. Using digital play and massaging the orifice is also helpful to relax and stretch the muscle.

Any type of new play enhances intimacy with your partner, so take things slow, explore the sensations, and always give a new experience at least two tries before you decide whether or not you like it.