Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The ultimate sexy selfie!! Um, and how to shoot and edit your own porno...

With the technology available to all of us via our smart phones, people all over the world are shooting self portraits and posting pics of themselves in all kinds of various places, positions, and “looks.” It’s not surprising to see women in bikinis taking pics of themselves in the mirror, or guys showing off their abs at the gym. Soccer moms, in clothing you’d never otherwise see them wearing, are putting their sexy side on display for the world to see. I don’t know that it’s true narcissism in action, but rather a fascination with the ability to be able to shoot, edit, post and share photos in ways we never could before. We are actually able to view ourselves like the super models, athletes, and celebrities we used to only see in magazines. Users can play with lighting, camera angles, and photos effects to put their best face forward.

There are even apps available to airbrush, sculpt, and perfect ourselves to show our “best” possible picture. With apps like Pixtr and Hello, Gorgeous your skin will be radiant, your teeth whitened, blemishes and wrinkles vanish. Facetune even allows the user to shrink body parts, tightening abs, firming thighs, and masking any perceived flaws we may have. With Enhance Booth you can create muscle bulk, or make your lips, eyes, and ass bigger with a simple action. SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN BEWARE! The person you met online may not look exactly like the person you eventually meet for coffee or a drink.

If you thought the push up bra and padded ass jeans were false advertising, you’ve got a lot more to worry about in the world of internet dating sites. What is a little more clear; however, is what men and women are willing to share. She may say in her profile that she, ”Likes to take things slow…” or “ Doesn’t kiss on the first date.” Yet she has suggestive pics displayed, and starts sending semi-nude selfies once you begin corresponding via text… Hmmm? Mixed messages? I think there is still an element of self discovery and exploration in this digital age. We are able to connect in ways that we never have before, and it is creating etiquette and challenging boundaries we never even knew we had.

As we display our secret personas and intimate selves, we undoubtedly push the envelope with what we are willing to share. Couples everywhere are engaging in sexting, phone sex, and increased sexual activity via technology. We have learned the language of text banter, and the art of the provocative email, and now we’re able to shoot, edit, and deliver our own home-grown porn.

With the imovie app for iphone, the user can easily import video from their camera roll, zoom in, speed up or slow down the action, and add music. Bum-chicka-bum -bum…. (C’mon. I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this?) Whether you shoot solo masturbation videos, or get your lover to consent to penetration and cum shots, the possibilities are endless! What better way to show your lust and infatuation than with a personalized sexy video of yourself or the both of you celebrating your passion?! There are still some challenges though. imovie for iphone doesn’t allow you to add effects on the video, you’ll have to download a secondary app like VideoFX live,and treat the video before you drop it into your imovie project. You will need to know how to set up a good shot, have decent lighting, and eventually a knack for editing if you want to show it at the next film festival; however.... Just sayin’

Wanna give it a whirl? Grab your smartphone the next time you’re feeling frisky and start shooting. Just play and see what kind of pics you get. Try some video too, you can always simply delete if you want to forget it ever happened.

Just remember, once you send it, it’s gone forever. So make sure you trust the person you’re sexting implicitly. Emails, texts, and shared pics and videos are floating around in cyberspace, no doubt making a lot of hackers and techie people very happy. A good rule of thumb: no face pics, no distinguishable markings, and nothing that could identify you completely--should you ever wish to deny it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What if you really wanted to use a condom?

I have yet to meet someone who actually enjoys the sensation of sex with a condom. Women and men alike complain about the lack of perceived intimacy, the chaffing, rubbing, and lack of skin on skin pleasure they would have if they rode bareback. But we're more educated and hopefully more concerned with our bodies and our partners' health and choose to be safe and bag it. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a better design? One that actually felt good, maybe even made safe sex feel too good to be true...?

Origami condoms is working on just that. They have designed a better condom. A condom that still provides the stimulation we crave, without sacrificing the barrier against STD's and unwanted pregnancy. They've not only designed a new condom for men to wear, but a female condom, and an anal condom. Condoms should be like sex toys! They should provide a different feature with the wearer, and type of sex in mind. There's billions of dollars going into developing new toys to provide bigger better orgasms, but has yet to be another option for safe sex to feel good in decades... Lucky for us, these condoms are in clinical trials and on the way to gaining approval from the FDA.

Check out some of the videos for the new condom designs and let me know what you think. Just watching the male condom demo sold me! And I don't even have a penis.

Male Condom...

Female Condom...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If you don't know Jack, it's time you met...

Multi-function vibrators have been all the rage since the Original Rabbit Habit hit the scene on TV shows like Sex and the City, was featured in Hollywood Movies like Burn After Reading, and was hailed as the best sex toy of all time in Oprah's Magazine. So what makes these vibrators worthy of celebrity status? Intense orgasms and multiple orgasms in record time....

How is this possible?! Well, it all started with a vibrating rabbit stimulator to tease the clitoris while a jumbling ring of pearls massages the vagina. Since then there have been several different models and styles to make women all over the world groan with ecstasy. Vibes that thrust, stimulate the G-spot, and even tickle the anus...

How's a girl to decide which one to take for a test drive? Here are a few of the vibes I recommend from Taboo Essentials. If you have questions about another manufacturer or need some questions answered, feel free to message me here or on Facebook.