Monday, May 2, 2011

Not your childhood teddy bear....

When we were kids, there was something about the comfort of our favorite teddy bear. We snuggled him in close when we fell asleep, took a long car ride, or stayed over at a friends house. We knew everything would be okay as long as "teddy" was there to hug.

The childhood security blanket has returned, only this time, your teddy bear has a new purpose!

Adorable vibrators called Bzzz Buddies are making headlines with adult toy retailers. Not only do these cute little pocket rocket style vibes bring back our youth, they also remind us that sex should be fun and playful. Their website is designed to play and explore as well! You can download some kawai (means "cute" in Japanese) wallpaper, read the stories for all the characters, and even vote for your favorite friend.

But the fun starts when you turn your buddies on! Powerful, waterproof, and functional, these toys provide external stimulation all over the body. Use them during foreplay to stimulate the nipples, tickle the neck, or back of the knees. Then apply to the clitoris with any of the four attachment heads, or the basic tip for some good vibrations!

Powered by one AA battery, these pocket rocket style vibes can also be used during oral sex for him or her. Use on the labia, or shaft of the penis while giving head and watch their pleasure peak. She'll be hugging her teddy bear alright.... with her legs!

Made of hard plastic, this toy is phthalate free, and perfect for a first time vibe, or a toy collector!

The only drawback to having such an adorable toy is having kids.
There's NO WAY a kid could resist picking up this colorful massager, so you'd better hide it well, sexy mamas!