Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public displays of affection just got sexier!

Liberator has created a new way to share your lovemaking with the world! An art kit to discover and display what your intimacy "looks" like!

Each kit includes a 54" x 41" specially treated canvas, 4 oz bottle of non-toxic black paint, two pairs of disposable slippers, and an 80" x 90" protective sheet (drop cloth) to keep your love-art easy to clean up.

While the idea is not new, the ability to create this on your own was a task. Having to get the canvas, paints, and of course clean it up, took the fun out of making the art before you even got started. Now you have everything you need in an easy to use kit!

I would suggest getting a few paint brushes before you get started to begin the erotic foreplay before you hit the canvas. The paint comes in a squeeze bottle, so if you wanted to bring out your Pollock skills, that works too. But there's something about a soft paintbrush dancing over your most sensuous body parts that gets the blood pumping, and imaginations running... I would also have a camera on hand to document the body art before you look like a human ant....Now comes the fun stuff! Lie down and writhe all over the canvas, and see what your lovemaking creates!

Get it mounted and hang it over your bed to inspire your passions every night, or put in up in the living room or dining room to spark sexy conversations with friends.

Thanks Liberator for the sexy ways to keep the bedroom (or any other room) adventurous!

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