Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scary-Sexy Halloween tricks and treats.. on a budget.

It's almost Halloween! The time of year where we can get away with wearing our leather boots and lingerie in public...yes!

Halloween is on a Monday this year, so that means tons of parties and events will be happening the entire weekend prior! Don't sweat the costume budget, or decline an invite because you're worried about the funds. Get the most out of your holiday with some fun toys, and sexy ideas.

You can grab a sexy costume pretty much anywhere. Online retailers and pop-up shops are already stocked with options, but can be pricey. The BIG question is, who do you want to be? If you're budget is limited, but you have a party, a school parade, and neighborhood trick-or-treating, you may want to get something that can be modified for each event. Sexy skirts and shorts can be made more modest with leggings or long skirts. Bra tops can be layered under vests, or jackets. Think of how to maximize your dollars by using accessories you have in your closet, or ask a friend to borrow something from theirs. Don't want to be the same thing at each event? Grab a costume that could be made up into different themes. A long black dress can easily become a witch, Elvira, or a pirate! A slinky red dress transforms into a nurse, a devil, or a pirate with the right accessories.

Event tickets getting you down? There are tons of bar parties, underground events, and cover charges... keep the costs down by choosing one or two parties to hit. Opt for a friends' party, then a local pub, or spend the entire night at an amusement park. Eat and drink before you go to avoid spending extra cash on over-priced food and libations. (But make sure to be aware of your local drinking laws, and don't get busted with a flask if you're not allowed to be carrying one.)

Thinking it's too expensive to dress up and go out? Stay in for a night of goose-bumps and spine chills with your own personal devil.

A splash of red can make any black bra and panty set feel a little more Halloween-ish. Or grab this hot number for less than $40.

Just add a devil headband that you can get at any drugstore, or steal it from your kids' dress-up box!

Sexy toys are available in all different colors and themes, and All Hallows Eve is no different. Sleek black vibrators, devil red couples rings, and silver bullets to pierce your most vital organs are just the beginning.

There's a whole collection of Death by Orgasm vibes, or get your own crafty boxes at Michael's and create your own lustful kit. Trust me, a lot more than candy fit into these adorable are a few spooky suggestions to create a sexy night at home.

1. Twilight encounter

Light a fire, and several candles all around the room, pick up some vampire gloves to stimulate your lovers neck and body. These gloves can be used lightly, or with added pressure to provide a pleasurable painful piercing or scratching of the skin. Black or red velveteen fabric
draped on the floor or bed will also provide more sensation play for naked skin.

2. Chocolate Fantasy

Melt Chocolate body fondue by Booty Parlor is an easy way to turn your lover into a delicious treat. But don't just pour on and lick off... make it a sexy massage. Use your warm chocolate sauce as a warm massage oil and relax your partner with firm hands, while you stimulate their erogenous zones, building up the excitement. Then dive into your dessert! Definitely have a old sheet that you can just throw away, or invest in vinyl bedsheets... you never know when you might want to use them again!

3. Pirate playtime
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. There's a lot of sexy outfits for this role play experience, but you can easily make some up with things you already have at home. A scarf, an earring, or your kid's Captain Jack hat should do the trick! Get some rope from your local hardware store and tack up some sheer curtains around your bed to give it that lush nautical pirate feel. Other items you might want include a feather tickler, a dagger, and a bottle of your favorite poison.

Tie up your wench, or your Captain and begin to act out your pirate fantasies! These are some of my favorite pirate toy choices, but just a few pirate words may be enough to get your salty sea juices flowing! Make sure to always use a safe word for any kind of bondage play (light or heavy)

Pirate Rub my Duckie comes in his own Tresure Chest for easy storage and added flair.

The Inked Glass is perfect for couples who want to feel a little dangerous while probing their restrained prisoner.

However you spend your frightful night, play safe, and indulge responsibly.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Cheat or not to cheat... can be a dilemma

I've posted a lot of interesting articles on my Facebook Fanpage and gotten some heated discussions about infidelity, so I wanted to write one of my own, and ask a different question. Do you indulge your needs and desires, or go a lifetime feeling like you missed out on something.

Of all the friends I know who have personally cheated on their significant other, or been cheated on by a significant other and KNOWN ABOUT IT, I would venture to say that all of them are happier people, whatever the direct result of that infidelity was. Some got divorced and remarried, some worked through their situation, some were never discovered, but found a new appreciation for their marriage after the fact.

So the dilemma occurs when the opportunity to cheat presents itself and the person making the decision is unsure of what they want, or should want to do. As "good" married folk, of course the answer is NOT CHEAT. But for a person who feels like something is missing in their life, the answer isn't as clear.

The true answer lies somewhere in the question. Who are you cheating? Are you cheating your spouse from a honest relationship with you? Are you cheating yourself from all the pleasures this life has to give? Or are you cheating the relationship itself from being everything you want it to be.

Most of the women I know who have cheated do it for reasons outside of sex. They crave attention. They want to feel desired. They want to escape the realities of their boring lives. But sometimes it's also about the sex itself. They want different sex. They want better sex. They want sex with someone other than the person they've slept with for the past several years.

It's not much different for men. While it can start as a simple physical attraction to a stranger, it can also provide the same emotional benefits that come from an affair. Both sexes want to feel desired again, they want to know that they are wanted on a purely physical level. Lusted after. Not needed, but wanted.

So there are three answers to this question:

1. Cheat your partner-Indulge in a one-night stand with a complete stranger or a past lover. Experience the needs you so desperately desire, but know that it may not end there. That you've most likely just had a temporary fix to a much larger problem.

2. Cheat yourself-swallow your pride, and suppress your longings. Your relationship is the priority, and your partner's happiness is more important than a few moments of ecstasy. But don't be surprised if you find yourself having to make this decision again later in life.

3. Cheat your relationship-This is accomplished with either 1 or 2. So instead, why not take a chance at honesty. Bite the bullet and talk to you spouse. What if we could discuss the desire to cheat with our spouses, wouldn't it lead us to discovering the desires and needs that are buried beneath years of marriage? I realize that for some people, cheating provides an easy answer and solution to this problem. But nobody said marriage would be easy. It must be infinitely harder to deal with the guilt, shame, and loneliness of being caught, than to deal with the honest conversations that would come of us sharing our most intimate thoughts. The thoughts that we would share with a best friend, and yet, can't share with our life partner.

Would our husbands and wives really rather not know that we have needs? Would they rather we worked out our issues on our own? Do you think the really would rather not now about a torrid love affair than just hear a few painful words of truth? I realize for some of you, the answer is yes. Your husbands and wives would rather live in oblivion that find out about a one-night stand, or long term lover. They would rather not rock the boat, and keep life less messy and continue in deliberate denial.

Food for thought:
I interviewed a man several years ago who has an internet talk show all about the subject of living life to it's fullest. Part of what he preaches is that people should do what they want, WHATEVER they want. He doesn't believe the sanctity of marriage, or even the other person involved should make impact on your decision to live for your pleasure. I had a hard time with this. While I think people should live happy, fulfilled lives, I think you give up some of that autonomy when you commit to another person who expects you to be monogamous. I think there is something to be accountable for when what you do affects other people. This is his point however. He believes that you shouldn't be responsible for anyone's happiness but your own.

He is married, by the way. And his wife also lives according to the same creed. Marriage, like divorce, is different for everyone. CHOOSE how your marriage will be.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public displays of affection just got sexier!

Liberator has created a new way to share your lovemaking with the world! An art kit to discover and display what your intimacy "looks" like!

Each kit includes a 54" x 41" specially treated canvas, 4 oz bottle of non-toxic black paint, two pairs of disposable slippers, and an 80" x 90" protective sheet (drop cloth) to keep your love-art easy to clean up.

While the idea is not new, the ability to create this on your own was a task. Having to get the canvas, paints, and of course clean it up, took the fun out of making the art before you even got started. Now you have everything you need in an easy to use kit!

I would suggest getting a few paint brushes before you get started to begin the erotic foreplay before you hit the canvas. The paint comes in a squeeze bottle, so if you wanted to bring out your Pollock skills, that works too. But there's something about a soft paintbrush dancing over your most sensuous body parts that gets the blood pumping, and imaginations running... I would also have a camera on hand to document the body art before you look like a human ant....Now comes the fun stuff! Lie down and writhe all over the canvas, and see what your lovemaking creates!

Get it mounted and hang it over your bed to inspire your passions every night, or put in up in the living room or dining room to spark sexy conversations with friends.

Thanks Liberator for the sexy ways to keep the bedroom (or any other room) adventurous!

To hear me discuss Art, Sex, and Bodypainting, listen to Episode 17 on Play With Me only on Playboy Radio.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not your childhood teddy bear....

When we were kids, there was something about the comfort of our favorite teddy bear. We snuggled him in close when we fell asleep, took a long car ride, or stayed over at a friends house. We knew everything would be okay as long as "teddy" was there to hug.

The childhood security blanket has returned, only this time, your teddy bear has a new purpose!

Adorable vibrators called Bzzz Buddies are making headlines with adult toy retailers. Not only do these cute little pocket rocket style vibes bring back our youth, they also remind us that sex should be fun and playful. Their website is designed to play and explore as well! You can download some kawai (means "cute" in Japanese) wallpaper, read the stories for all the characters, and even vote for your favorite friend.

But the fun starts when you turn your buddies on! Powerful, waterproof, and functional, these toys provide external stimulation all over the body. Use them during foreplay to stimulate the nipples, tickle the neck, or back of the knees. Then apply to the clitoris with any of the four attachment heads, or the basic tip for some good vibrations!

Powered by one AA battery, these pocket rocket style vibes can also be used during oral sex for him or her. Use on the labia, or shaft of the penis while giving head and watch their pleasure peak. She'll be hugging her teddy bear alright.... with her legs!

Made of hard plastic, this toy is phthalate free, and perfect for a first time vibe, or a toy collector!

The only drawback to having such an adorable toy is having kids.
There's NO WAY a kid could resist picking up this colorful massager, so you'd better hide it well, sexy mamas!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When discretion is a must!

There are many times during the day when we would love to have a battery operated boyfriend by our side to take care of our needs when they arise. But carrying around phallic toy just won't cut it. Especially if you have a young child who would love nothing but announcing your secret friend at your next playdate or school meeting.

What's a gal to do if she want to have a toy on hand but is at risk of being caught?! here are some of my suggestions for discrete toys that get the job done, but won't turn your cheeks red if it spills out of your purse while you're in public.

The new Luxe Rejuvenate from Cal Exotics has the look of a sleek pod. It features 7 different levels of vibration, as well as pulsing and escalating vibrations. It's design is actually quite effective at giving oneself a deep tissue neck massage! It fits easily into your hand, making it easy to slip your hands into your crotch when you have a moment to yourself. Look out, you may find yourself being scolded for having your "hands down your pants," instead of doing the nagging yourself!

Want to get creative with the Rejuvenate? Use it to stimulate his perineum or anus and really kick the action into high gear!

Sophisticated, technie, and discreet, the Lelo Mia is the perfect vibe for the woman on the go.

It plugs into your laptop to charge via your USB port! This small yet powerful vibe has the design to take care of your external or internal desires. Recently improved, the power of the motor has been doubled since the previous design (which I own, and enjoy!). As you can see, it's small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or laptop case, and looks like a lipstick or a memory stick!

Never again will you be embarrassed if your mother goes through your things, or your child is rifling through your bag. Don't be surprise if your husband tries to transfer files onto it and is frustrated when they can't! Be sure to wash it before and after use.... just in case they've tried.

And lastly, for the outdoor-sy gal who owns a bullet holder, she can discreetly store her Rocks-off RO 120-mm Bullet vibrator! This kick-ass vibrator boasts 5 levels of vibration with just the touch of a button. And as most outdoors women would want, is waterproof and built to last!

The 120-mm bullet has a soft tip and is available in six different colors. Grab your favorite, or collect 'em all. Afterall, everyone should have a hobby, right?!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Now your iphone really can be a vibrator!

Earlier this year, OhMiBod launched Body Heat, an app that remotely controls your OhMiBod vibrator! You can customize your settings, adjusting vibration levels and patterns by sliding your finger on the touch screen. Nobody will ever suspect as you play on your phone that there's a party in your pants! Find a beat you love? Simply lift your finger off the screen to continue the current vibration. When you've finished, shake the iphone or ipad to reset the app. You can record and save your favorite experiences and call them up when you're feeling frisky. Name one for your favorite lover! Here's the video from Youtube about how to use this super cool and sexy app!

Compatible vibes include the wireless Freestyle G and wired Club Vibe models. Both vibes provide the same funky beat thumping and pulsating vibes powered by either your ipod, mp3 player, or the music in your favorite clubs. The cheaper models ($50-$59) require batteries, while the higher end models ($120) are rechargeable and hold a buzz for 5 hours... unlike your vodka redbull.

Not only will you be the owner of one of the coolest vibes on the market, but you can also remotely control your lover's vibe. Lights clicked on yet?! Go out dancing with your lover and make sure they're wearing their club vibe.... can we say erotic dancing? Never before could you get someone off in public without risking a lewd conduct misdemeanor.

Feeling naughty? It's ON!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part3-Getting Wild!

Wanna get wild? Get these!

Tired of giving and receiving the same old boring roses? Grab this vibrating rose couples ring from Hustler Toys instead! Or better yet, grab 11 red roses and add this one to the bouquet.

You're so getting laid!

And when you do, it'll give her stimulation right where she wants it most, and you get to deliver it to her while it provides you with added tingles too. Need me to draw a map? Just shoot me an email :)

Liberator's limited edition heart wedge doubles as both sex furniture and decorative pillow! This cute wedge is available in multiple colors to match your bedroom, and has the same great shape to enhance your lovemaking. Lay over the slope and tilt your pelvis to expose nerve endings to enhance pleasure during oral sex or penetration. Great for either partner, this wedge may just become your new best friend.

On by Sensuva was launched last year, but is now gaining momentum as the best stimulating product for women, and let me tell you, it works! At the toy show I sampled it on my tongue, but at home, I put it where it belongs.... oh baby. It really does travel as it is absorbed by the body. It starts warm and tingly on the external parts (clitoris, labia) but then as your intercourse begins, it travels deeper to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal canal, providing you with an erotic experience normally only achieved through "other" less legal methods. This transforms the monotonous romp into the blissful desire you watch in the movies, or while reading books.... "men are more interesting in books than in real life"-The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows Until you've tried ON!

Kama Sutra's Impulse Stimulating gel and vibrating roll-on applicator. Smart! Obviously if you've got a vibrator applying the stimulating gel to your clitoris, you're going to get more blood pumping. At a suggested retail of $19.95, it's totally worth a try! The battery power seemed a little weak, but it's an "ap-pli-ca-tor" afterall :) Smart people at Kama Sutra!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part2-Sensual Body Products

New sensual body products!

Lelo's Limited Edition Soy Massage candle is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. The box is beautiflly designed to evoke a sense of romance, and inside is their Black PEPPER AND POMEGRANATE scented soy candle. The candle boasts a burn time of up to 36 hours, and once the candle is gone, the glass jar is perfect for storing sexy things on your nightstand or countertop. If you don't care about the limited edition box, you can also choose from their other erotic infusions:

Rich, creamy, and silky smooth; indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable top note of vanilla that gives way to the intoxicating aroma of crème de cacao.

Light and crisp as a breeze off the surf; set yourself adrift on the playful waves of cedarwood accented with a enticing top note of snow pear.

What says Valentine's Day like chocolate?

Kama Sutra announces new flavors of body paint!
Their best selling chocolate body paint is now available in Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Rich Caramel. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry tastes like a dessert liquor, while the Rich Caramel is tasty enough to pour onto your favorite vanilla ice cream. Either flavor is the perfect thing for edible play.

What KS has to say, "For those who have been tempted by their creative side, indulge your artistic muse with this decadently rich body paint. Includes your choice of Lover's Body Paint and a supple paintbrush to create your masterpiece. Note: Refrigerate after opening; to reheat, microwave briefly on a low setting or place the jar in warm water .... if there's any left over!"

Part 3- "Getting Wild" is coming soon....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011-what will you do?! Part1-Sexy gift packages and games

Need tips for a sexy Valentine's day surprise for your lover? I've got the low down on new products to make it as romantic or erotic as you want! These are my pics for the big day....(it was a long post, so I broke it down into sections, part 2 and 3 on the way...)

New romantic packages and sexy games to play!
Grab these newly designed scratch cards to reveal an entire years worth of romantic ideas. Afterall, Valentine's day should be every day. Each kit comes with 26 cards for each of you! One set for him and one for her to read and perform. Really the black satin bag is the key. Whenever you see the black bag on the your pillow, you know it's ON!

Kinky Pleasures is an all new collection of scratch and reveal cards for those who want to take their lovemaking to the next level. Been married awhile? Need to rev up the relationship? Go for these truly kinky and seductive cards. Hell, you may not even have to open the box, the suggestion of what's inside could be enough to set both of your pants on fire!

Don't need all that? Grab the adult version of boxed candy that says what you really mean! Let's F*ck candy heart box is full of individually wrapped conversation hearts that say it like you mean it! Quotes like "F*ck me silly" and "I'm Easy" are just a few of the surprising candies inside.... perfect for those ladies who aren't good at talking dirty! Y'know, all the things you want to say in bed, but you feel silly saying?

Kama Sutra's Cupid Collection sets the mood, provides the game, and the tools to make your Valentine's night one of the sexiest ever! KS's description, "This exploratory gift set allows lovers to discover the pleasure of the unknown. Gently tie the satin blindfold around the eyes to remove the sense of sight and allow your sense of touch, taste, smell and hearing to heighten and guide you through the pleasure of your love. Featured in this playful gift set are: Red satin blindfold, Strawberry Honey dust with feather tickler and lightly scented silk rose petals to create your romantic setting."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Penis Envy?-Learn to pee standing up and you won't anymore...

Sounds strange, right? Why would I want to learn how to pee standing up? I like being a woman, I like having to hide behind a dirty stall door, placing toilet seat covers or layers of tee pee over a seat so I can take my time while sitting to urinate. Sure! I have a vague recollection of not rushing while I relieve my bladder, but in the last 9 years since I have had children, I don't recall having a leisurely pee....

I do recall having to go to the toilet in disgusting bathrooms in malls, gas stations, movie theatres, amusement parks, and especially port-a-pottys in parks, where the seat was no where near clean and I felt like showering in bleach afterward.

So where do I sign up? Take a class at the local parks and rec? Do they offer this type of thing in moms groups or hospitals? I introduce you to Stacy Kwan and her Stand2Pee program! Available on DVD for your own private lesson in the comfort of your own home and toilet.

I knew that when I started the DVD I wouldn't be watching a video worthy of an Oscar, but it was still funny when the program began. Stacy is very serious about her pee-ing program, and at times you just want to bust up laughing. Her "models"/students are cute young girls who are equally maintaining their composure even thought the subject matter is hysterical. I kind of keep waiting for the girl-girl porn to begin, because while there is nothing sexual about the video, the cute young girls look a bit uncomfortable, in the "something's about to happen" kind of way. Stacy interviews them about They even share their stories and experiences about why they want to learn how to stand and pee. With a little more creativity and even gimmicky additions, this video could rock!

Stacy is extremely thorough and I love how she covers all the bases for the topic. She tells us why we want to learn, where all our body parts are located, and how to actually do the steps, without showing a real vagina! Super classy, well shot, and well written. I wish she would smile more, and be silly with the subject matter, but hey, it's her video, not mine :) There is some slight nudity (a couple of naked asses) but otherwise is not only tastefully done, but complete. Each young woman performs their first attempt standing in the bathtub, second attempt with jeans on, and third attempt over the toilet. I feel completely empowered to learn and plan on standing to pee outside of my shower!

To get your copy, visit her website at

Monday, January 3, 2011

Condoms for safe sex, now available as a fashion statement.

We all knew condoms were great for protecting us from unwanted disease and pregnancy, but who knew they could also help define your personality and maybe even help get you laid?!

OhMiBod created a special belt buckle to hold your love gloves in the easiest place to get to it when you need it most! You can get an assorted pack of One Condoms to change it up whenever you head out. Sizes for women and men so either sex can be stylishly ready for action. Their motto? "Buckle up before you cuddle up!"

The true fashion accessory is the condom itself however. One Condoms are so well packaged, you almost don't want to open them.... almost.

Check out their new contest for condom covers!

Want to get in on the fun? Design your own condom cover and if you win, you'll get a cash prize, a donation of condoms sent on your behalf, and of course a years supply for your own consensual indiscretions. Imagine dropping this line at a bar, "I designed this condom myself."

Not into the round packaging? Don't fret! Good things still come in square packages! David Bircham, a professional anime artist has teamed up with Ooo Boutique and created the "Art of Lust" line of artsy condoms.

Each of the three designs is a unique style of FDA approved condoms. The Feel Me is a sheer latex, the Savor me has three flavored condoms, and the Rock me features a flared design.... hmmm, does that mean it adds girth at the tip, or the base? I just had a weird image of a penis wearing a pair of bell-bottoms...

And lastly, but certainly not your last option when it comes to safe sex....

You can wear your politics in your pants!
Practice Safe Policy are condoms makers who like to stimulate conversations along with potential decision making. Palin condoms are perfect for those little reminders about making the right choice. Grab some with sayings like, "When Abortion is not an option," or "as thin as her resume," to show your prospective bed partners that you're an involved, educated, and responsible American. Obama and McCain condoms also available!

Not sure you want all this pizazz on your penis? Check out my article on other latex and non-latex condoms, but always practice safe sex!