Friday, April 30, 2010

Disposable Pleasures

We're used to throwing away all kinds of things to make life easier, but there was never a disposable masturbator.... until now.

Introducing the Tenga line of disposable male masturbators! These single shot devices were designed with the occasional masturbator in mind. Inexpensive enough for a night of solo pleasure, or a special occasion... but a little too pricey for the frequent um...jerker.

Available in different styles to suit every stroke. The Deep Throat cup delivers exactly what it promises, a intense suction with "special" suction valves inside to create this amazing sensation. You can even increase the suction by using the air hole at the top of the cup... just cover it with a thumb or finger and feel the "jaws" tighten around your member. They come in soft, hard, and the US versions (20% larger) in ultra-size and super vacuum. Don't mind the slurping sounds-it just makes the fantasy more realistic.

Need more options? Try the Double Hole Cup, the Air Cushion, the Soft Cup, or the Rolling Head Cup, all of which come pre-lubed and ready to enjoy. They are all equipped with Tenga's spongelike material, making them gentle lovers. So if you've been turned off by the hard plastic sleeves, it may be time to give Tenga a try. Afterall, you're just gonna toss it when you're done.

Check out these video demos of these scientifically designed masturbators!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Save your Marriage with Sex Toys!

Can a battery operated lover really reignite passion in an otherwise lust-less marriage? Absolutely!

With all the rumors of infidelity swarming around, you might be wondering if your sex life needs a makeover. Well, considering many women and men have admitted to straying because they are bored... it's not a bad idea to spice things up now and then.

Intimate products were designed for the majority of married couples where one or both partners are experiencing less than satisfying orgasms, or excitement in the relationship. Most products are also created with women in mind, allowing them to reach climax, thus creating the ability for emotional connection with their spouse.

So, which products should you introduce to your bed? It all depends on what needs you're trying to meet.

If you're a woman who is not achieving orgasm during lovemaking, don't worry, you're not alone. While a reported 70-80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, many women still feel that they are less qualified lovers because they do not orgasm through penetration alone. Relax ladies, your inability to have mind blowing O's by his pounding is completely normal. And guys, news flash... that pounding isn't what's going to get us off most likely.

While most of the nerve endings are located at the introitus, or the opening of the vagina, many men still focus on deep penetration. Deep penetration is great for stimulating the G-spot and giving her a place to grind her needy clitoris (against your pubic bone), but if she requires some manual stimulation with a finger or toy, it's hardly cutting the mustard.

Vibrating enhancement rings and mini vibrators can be perfect helpers for this kind of stimulation. The ring is worn at the base of the shaft of the penis, and the vibration directly stimulates her clitoris. If you're using a small or slender vibe, just place it strategically on the clitoris, but far enough that it doesn't get caught in the action. She won't need long to get that happy feeling, then he can do his pounding, and everyone's happy. She may want to cuddle afterward, so give her that moment to collect herself. The next time you want to play, guess who will be all the more ready?!

Fulfill fantasies with molded toys! Have a threesome without the jealousy. Molded toys have visual qualities that help bring our fantasies to life. Do you or your partner want to experience a threesome, but only in theory? Grab a realistic penis or vagina and talk out your fantasies together!

Which ones to avoid if one or both of you are feeling less in lust?
Don't break out the Jack Rabbit with 100's of functions and speeds. He's not going to feel needed, and she may not be relaxed enough to share her orgasm with him. These can be amazing toys if everyone's on board, but if he's already feeling left out or pressured, this isn't a positive addition to your relationship.... yet!

How do you introduce the idea? Easy! With so many article and ads on radio and television showing these products, you won't seem off your rocker to suggest one. A sexy way to invite him to play would be to print out or cut out an ad for an item you like. Stick a post it note to it that reads, "this might be fun... can't wait for bedtime." and leave it somewhere he'll find it. Just make sure the kids don't find it first!