Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Electric Vibes-a modern version of the "power tools" from the past

I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to plug in vibes, not because the power is inadequate, but because the mobility of sex is taken away. Electric vibes are usually large cumbersome machines with enough power to blast your clitoris into the next galaxy. The handles are heavy and stiff, making them difficult for partner play in certain positions.

When I received the new Power G and Mini Massager from Cal Exotics, I was excited to see a rechargeable vibe... oh wait... not rechargeable... power cord only... really? Can't we manage to produce a rechargeable version?

I plugged in the My Mini Miracle Massager first. I found the ergonomically shaped handle to be much easier to use for clitoral stimulation. The tip of the massager is smaller and more oval-shaped than larger hand held massagers, but it still sends intense vibrations throughout your ENTIRE pelvic area. Hmm, could be good for partner play in a variety of positions. Over the clothes is enough to bring on immediate orgasms, but direct contact isn't overkill. Two speeds makes for varied sensations. Start out on low, then when you need a little increase, push the switch the high.

This massager will definitely get the job done, I'd love to see the attachments! (there are two) I highly recommend using this massager for couples sex. Try it in with her on top, and instead of using the stimulator on her, keep it deep in his pelvic bone. He'll reach orgasms comparable to the female version of clitoral/vaginal stimulation at the same time.... and let's face it ladies, we know how that feels! Or try it in doggie style, and use the stimulation directly on her clitoris. Either way, both partners are experiencing toe-curling O's. Whether you're a straight, gay or lesbian couple, this one definitely needs to be added to your bedside table. Who knows, you may actually use it for a neck or back massage sometime.. huh!

Now for the Power G! Again, I wish it was a rechargeable, but hey... can't have everything.. or can you?

The original Chubby G is a vibe I am very familiar with. I've sold several of these well designed vibes, despite their less than desirable materials. I was thrilled to see that they've upgraded the material for these to a new safe plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE.

Shaped to reach her G-spot, the Power G is also equipped with an all-over labia stimulator. With all of the nerve endings around the opening of the vagina, it makes sense to have ticklers in just the right spot. The plastic is pliable, making the Power G a good one for grinding. Great for solo play, or using on your partner. Can also be used as a prostate massager for those who can handle a bigger, er...shaft. Just make sure to use plenty of lube, as the TPE isn't as slick as glass or hard plastic.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I NEED LUBE! .. and I'm sensitive to almost everything. What can you recommend?

Choosing the right lubricant isn't easy for everyone, but with a little information, you can make an informed choice, and "slide" back into your sex life!

In the past there were limited options for lubricant. Most of us just grabbed whatever was available at the super market, and tried to hide it in our groceries with the hair products and tampons, hoping the checker wouldn't look up. Those brands used to be the medical choice of our Gyno's making it a rather un-sexy thing to shop for.

But now, the times have changed, and the world of lubricant is limitless!

These days were all reading labels, and living green, so what exactly are parabens, how does glycerin effect you, and which lube is best?

Parabens (Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben) are ingredients widely used in our cosmetics and food to preserve and inhibit bacterial growth, however the reason many people are avoiding them is that parabens can mimic the human hormone estrogen, which is known to contribute to the development of breast cancer.

Glycerin has gotten a bad reputation for being called "sweet." While it is a sweet-tasting alcohol derived from soapmaking, it is not sugar. The humectant properties are most likely what cause women who are prone to yeast infections get them during use. So if you're prone to yeast, I would steer clear of anything that MIGHT make it worse.

Now, which lube is best? Here's a chart I've put together to help you make an overly informed choice. My favorites for water based are the WET Naturals, Kama Sutra Love Liquid, and Intimate Organics. Silicone is a tie-between WET platinum and Slip for her, or Slide for him. But ultimately, it depends on your body and your preferences. It may take a couple of bottles to find the one or two you like best. If you're at a home party, store, or sex-positive workshop, see if they've got a sample size for you to try!

Lubricant type:Water-Based
Why?: Water-based lube is a great all around lubricant for all types of intercourse and toys.
Why not?: Some people find that it doesn’t last as long, and re-application is needed. Also washed off in the water. Some people experience reactions to Parabens or Glycerin used in some brands.

Lubricant type:Silicone Based
Why?: Silicone based lube is ideal for situations that involve water, like hot tubs or showers. The lube will not rinse off with water, but can be cleaned up easily with soap and water.
Why not?: Should not be used with SOME silicone toys, as it will break down the integrity of the material, if it's not a high-grade medical silicone. Not sure what your toy's made of? Simply do a patch test somewhere you won't mind the defect if deteriorates.

Lubricant type:Oil Based lube
Why?: Long lasting, and slick, this lubricant is ideal for many, as some brands boast all natural ingredients.
Why not?: Past reports have suggested oil-based lubes to initiating yeast infections and breaking down latex condoms. Other reports suggest that mineral oil is not linked to yeast infections, and recent advances in condoms are creating the safe use of oil based lube with Polyurethane. Know your body, and your ingredients, and make an educated choice.

Lubricant type:Water-based Gel
Why?: Thicker than it’s water-based sister, this lube is less likely to be absorbed as quickly,
Why not?: Some people think it has a tendency to get sticky.

Lubricant type:Flavored Lube
Why?: Great for performing oral sex, these lubes add some flavor to your lovemaking! Especially if you like to get your mouth involved again once the play has already begun!
Why not?: Be careful of flavored lubes that contain sugar. Sugar will affect the PH levels of the vagina and can cause yeast infections. Read your labels! Many brands have reformulated their ingredients with this in mind.

Lubricant type:Warming Lube
Why?: Warming lube is wonderful for people who want to feel the heat during intercourse or genital massage.
Why not?: Some may contain oils, so be sure to check the labels. Brands differ in level of intensity depending on the person, and some can have a chemical taste.