Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When discretion is a must!

There are many times during the day when we would love to have a battery operated boyfriend by our side to take care of our needs when they arise. But carrying around phallic toy just won't cut it. Especially if you have a young child who would love nothing but announcing your secret friend at your next playdate or school meeting.

What's a gal to do if she want to have a toy on hand but is at risk of being caught?! here are some of my suggestions for discrete toys that get the job done, but won't turn your cheeks red if it spills out of your purse while you're in public.

The new Luxe Rejuvenate from Cal Exotics has the look of a sleek pod. It features 7 different levels of vibration, as well as pulsing and escalating vibrations. It's design is actually quite effective at giving oneself a deep tissue neck massage! It fits easily into your hand, making it easy to slip your hands into your crotch when you have a moment to yourself. Look out, you may find yourself being scolded for having your "hands down your pants," instead of doing the nagging yourself!

Want to get creative with the Rejuvenate? Use it to stimulate his perineum or anus and really kick the action into high gear!

Sophisticated, technie, and discreet, the Lelo Mia is the perfect vibe for the woman on the go.

It plugs into your laptop to charge via your USB port! This small yet powerful vibe has the design to take care of your external or internal desires. Recently improved, the power of the motor has been doubled since the previous design (which I own, and enjoy!). As you can see, it's small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or laptop case, and looks like a lipstick or a memory stick!

Never again will you be embarrassed if your mother goes through your things, or your child is rifling through your bag. Don't be surprise if your husband tries to transfer files onto it and is frustrated when they can't! Be sure to wash it before and after use.... just in case they've tried.

And lastly, for the outdoor-sy gal who owns a bullet holder, she can discreetly store her Rocks-off RO 120-mm Bullet vibrator! This kick-ass vibrator boasts 5 levels of vibration with just the touch of a button. And as most outdoors women would want, is waterproof and built to last!

The 120-mm bullet has a soft tip and is available in six different colors. Grab your favorite, or collect 'em all. Afterall, everyone should have a hobby, right?!