Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miyoko's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!- Start the new year off with a BANG!

Gift giving can be precarious… what do you get to the person you lay down next to every night, and wake up to every morning. What gift says, “I love you.” But also, “I WANT YOU!!!” What gift would she actually appreciate and want to use with you.

Definitely don't expect to send that message with something practical like a toaster, or a scarf. Women can be a challenge to buy for, but ultimately, we want more intimacy. We crave connection, want to feel desired, and to experience mind-blowing sex. So what can you give to the object of your affection that won't make her feel objectified?And what can you do for her this holiday that won't empty out your wallet?!

First, my top pics...

1. Liberator bedroom shapes-I love the functionality of these positionary aids. The positions and possibilities are endless, but the support of the foam pillow allows you to hit the right spots, while sustaining the angle until she gets her beloved "O." Oral sex, missionary, doggie style... all made better by one simple shape.

2. Vesper by Crave-this whisper quiet, exquisite piece of art won't break the bank, but will show your goddess how much you love her sexy side. Rechargeable via USB cable, this fine piece of "O" inducing ass provides clitoral stimulation or sensual vibrating insertion anytime throughout the day. Give her the gift of pleasure at her fingertips, and trust me, she'll return the favor.

3. Bubble Love-This truly and completely submergeable toy provides a bubble blast to your clitoris. For the women who like water play, this device can be used in the tub, and provides an added bonus to your relaxing bath. Forget Calgon..Bubble Love take me away. Dildo attachment is also available for those who like a little

4. Embrace Body wand by Cal Exotics-This rechargeable cordless vibrating handheld massager is powerful enough to work out the kinks in your neck, but also for ensuring an orgasm every time!! Handheld plug-in massagers are discreet enough to leave out on the bedside table, and powerful enough to potentially bring him to hand free climax.... um, yeah... highly recommended.

5. Intro to S&M Kit by Sex & Mischief-a great way to introduce light bondage into your bedroom play! Fur-lined handoffs make restraining sexy, while the blindfold allows for sensory deprivation experience, and the black leather whip provides a light tickle as it dances over your lover's flesh, or a sting as it whips their body in various places. You decide the level of play, and of course, always have a safe word.

Next, the amazing products I had the pleasure to review for this Holiday Season...

1. Ovo Lifestyle Toys-a brand I was familiar with, but had no tactile knowledge of. This gorgeous collection of USB charged and battery operated products are made of 100% body safe materials. High grade medical silicone cover most of these sleek and sensual toys. Just touching the toys themselves inspired my vagina. They have a very sexy design that spark sexual energy, and can be used to stimulate multiple areas of the body. If she's really into oral sex, gift her the S1... and watch her orgasm from powerful flickering tongue-like sensations. Wanna play together? Grab an A1 and experience the luxury together.

2. Cal Exotics Entice vibes and light bondage accessories-these ultra sexy products beg to be played with...toys and tools to bring your Fifty Shades inspired fantasy to reality. The silky brocade bar gag is enough to get the point across without making breathing difficult, and making them look oh so seductively restrained. Feathered nipplets are adjustable to accommodate different sized nipples, and can be used as decorative jewelry or to create an actual pinch.

3. Screaming O-inexpensive but quality toys that make sex fun and pleasurable! I love this brand!! All of their couples rings and vibrators come with batteries, so you're all set to play! Small enough to fit into a stocking, or grab a few and box them up for a night of festive fun! The Vibro-man is a trio of vibrations. The kit includes a cock ring, a finger vibe, and a tongue vibe, so that everywhere you touch, with any part of your body, sends pleasurable vibes.

4. Dreamgirl International-Sexy Holiday lingerie and themed attire make playing Ms. Santa even more hot. Their one size fits most pieces (Plus line also available) are well made and include most of the accessories you'll need to pull the look off!

What to give that “special friend.” Do you need to give a gift to your fuck buddy? Friends with benefits? We polled several people and while some said “yes, something sexy,” and others said “No!” We all seemed to agree that IF you decide to gift to your sexy friend, it should revolve around sex. Romantic gifts, or sentimental gifts can be sketchy…. let’s face it, we don’t want to send the wrong message and risk losing the sexual relationship.

And lastly, what to gift to your lover that won't empty out your wallet? With communication being the key to great sex... most of what we crave is simply the idea of being desired.

1. Leave them a romantic love note, or wrap it up top it off with a bow!

2. Send them a sexy text message! If they're into dirty talk, this is even more of a treat!

3. Take a bath with them... pour your favorite drink of choice, light some candles, and just soak and talk... and let the stress of the holidays roll off, while the magic of reconnection rolls in...

4. Give them a sensual massage. And we don't mean it has to come with a happy ending. Really do something just for their pleasure... make it all about pampering them.

5. Feed them. Food has so many underlying messages and sexy undertones. Nourish them, tease them, delight their tastebuds... (and if you need help with food ideas, read this post about playing with food.) To hear the entire show about buying holiday gifts for your lover, listen to episode 18 on Play With Me on Playboy Radio!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Let's Play With Our Food!

Does the idea of food and sex turn you on? We’ve just recently celebrated the biggest day for gluttony, and while most people think of it as a non-sexual holiday, I’m here to debate that idea. I find food incredibly sexy. The smells, the flavors, the textures of certain foods as they melt, dissolve or absorb into my mouth. I love the tangy, the salty, the sweet, and even the bitterness of foods, but they have to be the right flavors for the right foods. There’s something that happens when amazing food touches your lips. As the aromas are deeply inhaled through the nose, and the lips part slightly to feel the first contact. Is the food warm or cold? Does it feel hard or soft in your mouth? Does it melt onto your tongue or do you need to chew it to release it’s flavors? I can’t just “eat” a banana. I want to slowly ingest it’s goodness. I can’t simply bite and swallow for sustenance. I like to revel the inside of the banana first…. expose it’s naked flesh. Does it have bruising? Or is the yellow meat perfectly ripe and ready to be devoured? Then I slowly scrape the banana with my teeth to peel the outermost layer off, so I can chew and swallow a little at a time. It’s a strange ritual, that I must admit wasn’t my original idea. I watched a woman eat a banana in this way before, and while it was highly erotic, it is also the most effective way to enjoy the flavors of this phallic fruit.

So how does the brain respond to food? According to Reuniting.info we are attracted to food because of it’s pleasure and reward. We’ve all heard of Pavlov’s dog, but we generally don’t apply those concepts to our own human ways. We do create and associate experiences to pleasure in much the same way, remembering and responding to cues and conditions. So when we smell a specific food, we may be reminded of a pleasurable eating experience, and when those same flavors and textures are presented to us, our bodies respond favorably. Sounds a little like sex, right?

So can we actually orgasm through food consumption? A woman in the UK has been eating herself to orgasm, and has even created a porn site so you can watch. Gabi Jones has a condition called persistent genital arousal syndrome where she is able to achieve orgasm without sexual arousal. I’m glad I don’t have this condition. I already love food, if it gave me orgasms as well, I don’t think I’d ever leave my kitchen.

I do however love incorporating my love of food with my love of sex, and highly recommend that you play with your food. Food begs to be played with. Even as small children we are delighted by it’s textures and temperatures. We are taught NOT to play with our food, because clearly….. we WANTED TO!! So forget the restrictive lessons of your youth and get creative with your lover and your next meal together.

How can you introduce food into the bedroom? First, have a game plan. Don’t just start throwing your spaghetti at them and think they’re going to find it sexy. If your lover is a woman, she needs to know that there’s not going to be a huge mess to clean up afterward— huge orgasm inhibitor. So plan to either play away from home, or in the shower! Where clean up can be just as sexy as getting down and dirty…

Next, choose foods that beg to be licked, sucked, and devoured off of your lover’s body. Generally it’s best to stay away from anything spicy or temperature hot, unless you have edible candle wax. Dessert foods, chocolate sauce, honey, pudding, are all pretty safe bets.

Be careful not to get any sugary foods near the opening, or inside her lady parts. Sugary foods can affect a woman’s PH balance, and disrupt her delicate flora. Unless you don’t mind her being out of commission for a week afterward, just avoid eating her out like a chocolate fountain.

If you’re planning on using some stiff vegetables to penetrate your lover, make sure they’re clean and free from any loose parts, or slap a condom on it for extra sanitary measure.

Food and oral pleasures can bring on all kinds of sensory responses. From the associations and experiences we connect to the food itself, to the aromas, the textures, the temperature of foods… play with your lover, don’t just spray a dollop of whip cream and end the fun there. Find places to tease them with the food. Feed them. Pour liquids onto your body and let it roll into their mouths. Take a culinary journey with them. The goal isn’t to get to the sex, the sensual experience is what you’ve dedicated time to accomplish. Play…

To hear to the my show on playing with food, food play, which foods enhance your sex life, and which foods are known aphrodisiacs, listen to episode 16 on Play With Me on Playboy Radio!