Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scary-Sexy Halloween tricks and treats.. on a budget.

It's almost Halloween! The time of year where we can get away with wearing our leather boots and lingerie in public...yes!

Halloween is on a Monday this year, so that means tons of parties and events will be happening the entire weekend prior! Don't sweat the costume budget, or decline an invite because you're worried about the funds. Get the most out of your holiday with some fun toys, and sexy ideas.

You can grab a sexy costume pretty much anywhere. Online retailers and pop-up shops are already stocked with options, but can be pricey. The BIG question is, who do you want to be? If you're budget is limited, but you have a party, a school parade, and neighborhood trick-or-treating, you may want to get something that can be modified for each event. Sexy skirts and shorts can be made more modest with leggings or long skirts. Bra tops can be layered under vests, or jackets. Think of how to maximize your dollars by using accessories you have in your closet, or ask a friend to borrow something from theirs. Don't want to be the same thing at each event? Grab a costume that could be made up into different themes. A long black dress can easily become a witch, Elvira, or a pirate! A slinky red dress transforms into a nurse, a devil, or a pirate with the right accessories.

Event tickets getting you down? There are tons of bar parties, underground events, and cover charges... keep the costs down by choosing one or two parties to hit. Opt for a friends' party, then a local pub, or spend the entire night at an amusement park. Eat and drink before you go to avoid spending extra cash on over-priced food and libations. (But make sure to be aware of your local drinking laws, and don't get busted with a flask if you're not allowed to be carrying one.)

Thinking it's too expensive to dress up and go out? Stay in for a night of goose-bumps and spine chills with your own personal devil.

A splash of red can make any black bra and panty set feel a little more Halloween-ish. Or grab this hot number for less than $40.

Just add a devil headband that you can get at any drugstore, or steal it from your kids' dress-up box!

Sexy toys are available in all different colors and themes, and All Hallows Eve is no different. Sleek black vibrators, devil red couples rings, and silver bullets to pierce your most vital organs are just the beginning.

There's a whole collection of Death by Orgasm vibes, or get your own crafty boxes at Michael's and create your own lustful kit. Trust me, a lot more than candy fit into these adorable are a few spooky suggestions to create a sexy night at home.

1. Twilight encounter

Light a fire, and several candles all around the room, pick up some vampire gloves to stimulate your lovers neck and body. These gloves can be used lightly, or with added pressure to provide a pleasurable painful piercing or scratching of the skin. Black or red velveteen fabric
draped on the floor or bed will also provide more sensation play for naked skin.

2. Chocolate Fantasy

Melt Chocolate body fondue by Booty Parlor is an easy way to turn your lover into a delicious treat. But don't just pour on and lick off... make it a sexy massage. Use your warm chocolate sauce as a warm massage oil and relax your partner with firm hands, while you stimulate their erogenous zones, building up the excitement. Then dive into your dessert! Definitely have a old sheet that you can just throw away, or invest in vinyl bedsheets... you never know when you might want to use them again!

3. Pirate playtime
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. There's a lot of sexy outfits for this role play experience, but you can easily make some up with things you already have at home. A scarf, an earring, or your kid's Captain Jack hat should do the trick! Get some rope from your local hardware store and tack up some sheer curtains around your bed to give it that lush nautical pirate feel. Other items you might want include a feather tickler, a dagger, and a bottle of your favorite poison.

Tie up your wench, or your Captain and begin to act out your pirate fantasies! These are some of my favorite pirate toy choices, but just a few pirate words may be enough to get your salty sea juices flowing! Make sure to always use a safe word for any kind of bondage play (light or heavy)

Pirate Rub my Duckie comes in his own Tresure Chest for easy storage and added flair.

The Inked Glass is perfect for couples who want to feel a little dangerous while probing their restrained prisoner.

However you spend your frightful night, play safe, and indulge responsibly.