Thursday, December 2, 2010

UCLA study suggests that women avoid fathers as ovualtion nears.... according the cell phone report?

Is it just me, or does this seem a little strange? I just read the study conducted by not one, but THREE PhD's who have come to the conclusion that women tend to avoid their fathers as they head toward ovulation each month. Okay, this seems reasonable, but how they came to this conclusion based on cell phone bills from less than 50 women is where I get lost.

Can a study of less than 50 women with tremendous amounts of uncontrolled variables really bring us to some sort of scientific conclusion worthy of the University of California's funding?

These are screen shots from the actual report which explains the study in blaringly disturbing detail. It goes on to report that these women, who's average age was 19, didn't answer calls from their fathers more frequently as they neared high fertility, and didn't initiate calls to their fathers as often during these times. They did; however, answer calls from and initiate calls to their mothers. Seems like it could be argued that they wanted more feminine, or motherly contact during these times.

And what was possibly happening during this time in their lives? Were they hanging out at home more, therefore decreasing the need to call their parents? Were they in the midst of finals? Did they just break up with a boyfriend? So many questions, and no real answers.

I emailed all three of these PhD's asking for some additional details on their findings, and not one even replied. (and no, there wasn't a mail return either) I wonder how we can get away with the lack of funds for elementary schools all around the country and yet universities are throwing money away on ridiculous and useless data.

Monday, November 15, 2010

College Coeds rejoice! There's a new way to stay up all night long...

The Shane's World Sorority party vibe is a colorful and powerful waterproof probe that can handle any subject! Are you a beginner? Use this vibe to help you find all the spots that make you squeal! Intense vibrations are great for stimulating the clitoris and outer labia, and the smooth probe glides easily for vaginal insertion.

Feeling a little frisky? Use the slim probe for some anal adventures, but make sure not to let it go, this probe has no base, and no retrieval cords, which leaves you to this dismaying challenge, trying to find a way to get it out! (should it happen to get sucked into your anal canal....)

My overall take on the vibe:
I dig the color and the velvety soft material. Every gal should have a standard issue vibe, one that doesn't require an owner's manual and gets the job done. While we may love our rabbits, sometimes we just like some plain ole insertion. I'm not that excited about the packaging, I would probably never pull this one off a store wall, but once it's out of the plastic clamshell and the image of the dumb college nymph is out of mind, you'll be able to love it like your own.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

National Sex Toy Day!

My Pleasure is giving away 1000 free vibrators and other goodies in honor of National Sex Toy Day! Grab yours here and get your buzz on!

Don't want the free vibe? Get 50% off anything in stock at Domestic Goddess Studio and Romance Boutique through November 15th! Just make an appointment to come by and shop for sexy products and sensual vibes!

Email me
to make an appointment or call! 888-294-9048

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death by Orgasm and other Halloween treats!

It's Halloween! The time of year when we can become someone else, and let our alter ego come out and play! What better time to take advantage of the fact that you have the freedom to be sexy, slutty, or even a bit naughty without explanation.

Adult toys are designed for use throughout the year, but at holiday time the toys get even more festive! Check out the Death by Orgasm collection from LoveHoney. PLUS, play their online game here!

The Fang Banger is my favorite toy in this collection, even though I love the coffin boxes that the other vibes are packaged in! Check out the awesome description for this vibrating couples ring. (Twilight fans everywhere will be begging for one of these.)

It's the best way to enjoy sex with another being - alive or undead! If your sexual desires are as strong as your blood-lust, slide this rich red cock ring over his stiff love stake and the vibrating fangs will make you scream... with pleasure!

Slide the skin-safe Fang Banger over his manhood with the fangs pointing towards you. To activate the two vibrating bullets, simply press the button on each and feel coffin-shattering vibrations.

Made from skin-safe silicone. Does not contain latex, phthalates, garlic or anything else harmful to the living or the undead.

The perfect sexy supernatural accessory for every Fang Banger (people who enjoy sex with vampires). Biting optional.

Garlic-free. Undead-friendly. Holy Waterproof.

Uh, "yes, please!!"

The Scorpion is a bit scary, and the other vibes seem rather plain, but like they say, "It's all about the presentation." And all of these vibes will provide stimulating sensations for your fright night encounters.

More fun treats that were made for sexy tricks? The pirate Rub my Duckie and Devil Duckie!

These vibes are the perfect discreet toy for your playmate. They're waterproof, making them an ideal addition to your shower or bathtub should you decide to get a little frisky in the water.

So leave the candy to the kids, and grab some sexy fun for your night free from virtue or duty.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Am I a Cougar?!

There's been a lot of hype surrounding "cougars" in the past few years, Demi Moore has Ashton Kutcher, Courtney Cox had David Arquette, and there are websites popping up so that younger men and cougars can find each other. It seems as though it is almost a new trend to be a cougar, even though women (and men) have been "robbing the cradle" for years.

While I am halfway through my 30's, I am hardly an older woman. I was recently at a bar dancing with some friends and young guys who were celebrating one of their birthdays, and I was asked by another guy who was watching us why I was dancing with someone who was clearly much younger than me.

I was taken aback for a moment that this guy was essentially offending me by calling me old, and then got annoyed that he was kind of calling me a "cougar!" My girlfriend heard the exchange of words, and defended him saying, "He just wanted to dance with you himself." So, his way of asking me to dance was to offend me. Nice.

I don't often dish out pick-up advice or single person bar etiquette, but I feel like the guys who are out at these bars are missing something.

To the single guy at the bar:
-I am a married woman who is out dancing at a bar.
-I am wearing my wedding ring, and will admit to being married if asked.
-I enjoy dancing A LOT.
-I do not like being groped while dancing, but do enjoy grooving or even "freaking" with you if vibe is right.
-I generally will gravitate toward a dance partner who is having fun, and is not concerned if they appear to be dorky.... these guys tend to be YOUNGER.
-Don't expect to get my number, since I am not looking to date or have an affair.
-Don't be upset when you ask for my number and I tell you I am married. I wasn't hiding anything from you the last hour we were dancing.

That being said, I must acknowledge that there is another party to address. The actual cougars themselves. Yes guys, there are married women out there who do want to take you home, maybe go on a date, and perhaps even participate in an affair. This comes from a lack of passion in their life, not just their marriage, and they are looking for you to fill the empty void that has now become their reality. Be gentle with them.

To the Cougars:
-The young men will scope out the bars for the hot young chicks first, then as the clock ticks and the booze flows, they will be drawn to your deeper sense of self confidence and willingness to enjoy yourself without fear of what others think.
-Don't drink too much, beer goggles go both ways!
-Don't shit where you sleep. Most likely you are in a bar where someone might actually know you or your husband. Be respectful of appearances to some degree. You can save all the inappropriate touching for later.
-Don't fall in-love. You're picking up a band-aid, not a replacement part. This guy will never fill your husband's shoes so don't expect him to.
-Understand the difference between sex and love.

This is a tough one since most likely you haven't had much of either in your life lately. Love is respectful, considerate, kind, and UNCONDITIONAL. Love knows who you are at puking from the stomach flu, and what's underneath the make-up and hair during your best moments. Love can understand that you have a need to feel beautiful, desirable and full of life. Which brings me to me next rant.

To the one who is left at home:
-If you are shocked by this advice, get over it.
-Your wife (or husband) was once young and appealing to the opposite sex.
-Sometimes, all that is needed is to be seen, to be acknowledged by someone other than you. We all have an ego, and we all have the need for attention, be it shallow or not.
-Don't think you can be the center of someone else's universe and then be shocked when it implodes.
-Try to give your partner the freedom to be sexy. You might be surprised and find that the more freedom you give them, the less inclined they are to use it.

Some men won't allow their wives out dancing with their girlfriends thinking that they might be tempted to stray from their marriage. Personally I find this rather condescending. I am not a child, and I am in control of what I do with my body.

I am equally saddened to hear women say they don't allow their husbands to go to a strip club or attend a Vegas bachelor party for the same reason.

Define the boundaries in your relationships, and trust that your partner is capable of keeping their promise to you. Infidelity happens, but the chances increase if one or the other feel trapped in their relationship. Keep an open line of communication and expect the best of each other.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good 'ole penetration-with a few extras!

Let's face it gals, there's several thousand vibrators we can choose from to satisfy our desires, but for some of us, all it takes is some vibrating penetration. Just like the good 'ole days of medical treatment for hysteria, these vibes release stress and anxiety, allowing us to feel normal again.

But unlike the ancient vibes of our grandmothers, we have more options! Buying a vibrator these days is much like buying a car, you can choose your color, go for more green options to make less of a carbon footprint, automatic or manual transmissions, cruise control.... you get the idea.

For a thick and powerful ride, go for the Sassy Swirl!

A phthalate free vibe made of PVC, at the base I can just wrap my hand comfortably around the shaft. It has a bulbous tip perfect for clitoral or G spot stimulation, and is nearly 7" in length. On Cal Exotics website, they say it's quiet, but it's not the most subtle sound I've ever heard. It's definitely got some horsepower! It takes three AAA's and gives you low to high vibration, and has 10 different patterns of pulsation (thumping) and escalation (a gradual rise in intensity).

And check this out!
Talk about your options! This ride comes with a magic memory chip so that whatever your last setting was is saved for the next time you turn on your vibe! The bendable shaft can be torqued to wrap around the pelvic area giving grinders the clitoral attention they want while still having something to wrap their vaginal muscles around.

Want something a with a little less flash? Try the Liberte 1 from the Couture Collection.

This sleek vibrator is more slender than the Sassy Swirl and vibrates at a higher frequency. While it's only about 5" in length and as thick as a thick-handed man's thumb, it's added texture makes it completely capable of satisfying your needs.

With ONE BUTTON to control the vibration, it's simple to operate. However, if you accidentally turn it to a new setting and want to go back, you'll need to scroll through the options to find the one you liked.

The Liberte has a stiff shaft and is made of silicone, a higher grade material that is smooth and non-porous. With a little of your favorite lube, this vibe will have you melting like you're at the mercy of a lover's well-trained finger.

Monday, August 30, 2010

L'Amour... in case you wanted to fall in love?

Personally I'd prefer to keep my romantic notions away from my sex toys, but there are some that had me at hello. This one feels like you're being french kissed.... in the vagina.

The new silicone multi-function vibe is a sexy and smooth shaft with powerful clitoral ticklers. Normally adorned with two rabbit ears, this vibe has three ticklers to fully encase the clitoral hood. There are easy to use power, vibration, and rotation buttons on the battery controller base. So for those of us who just start smashing buttons to make our high-tech vibes start or stop, be relieved.

I was excited to watch the sensual rotation of the shaft, it appears as though to have a snake-like wave along with the rotation. It might be an optical illusion as the tip of the shaft has a slightly larger thumb-shaped bulge. If the slight churning doesn't do it for you, you can bend the shaft to create larger circles of rotation without damaging the toy. The motor on the shaft is not as impressive as the power bumper, but if you relax your vaginal muscles, it shouldn't stop while penetrating. Of course, you may not have a choice once the clitoral vibrations kick you into muscle-contracting orgasms! They will at least slow down a bit, if not stop completely.

This toy is waterproof, so feel confident while washing, but as with most other "waterproof" toys, I wouldn't truly submerge unless you want to run the risk of losing your new investment.

Overall this toy's smooth shaft is thick enough to let you know it's there without being an obvious penetrator. Good for women who don't want the stuffing effect, but still want some vaginal and G-spot stimulation. Not a hard-core pounding, this one lives up to it's name. It's a toy for lovers.

The Teenage Sex Alternative

MTV's Teen Moms may be a show designed to chronicle the difficulties of being a teen mom, but I wonder if the impact of television and the media negates the point. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston made headlines all over the world with their "shameful," yet "celebrated" teenage parenthood. While teenagers everywhere will get an education on young parenting, the delivery and sensationalism presenting the material is confusing.

I am all for young people having the support they need to raise a family. I believe in a woman's (or girl's) right to choose. I appreciate the stories that are shared and the difficult decisions that are involved in pregnancy at any age. I understand that many teenagers are faced with pregnancy, as there were many in my own graduating class. But I am baffled at the lack of sex education we are able, and willing, to present.

My own school district begins teaching basic sex education in 4th grade. But really it started back in Pre-school. My kids were segregated by sex at the age of three, teaching them the importance of gender classification. By First grade, they were read stories about men farmers who worked hard, and the female wives who cooked, cleaned, and raised the kids. It may not be the "birds and the bees," but it is every bit as influential on the overall message of sex in this country.

Instead of open discussions about sex, schools teach the biology of sex... heterosexual, procreating sex. Yes, it is the parent's option to have these conversations, and they should be the ones to create an open environment to discuss these topics. But let's face it, parents are not always qualified to be parents. Who showed us how to parent? Our own parents? Books written for the masses to create a safe and compliant society?

I have come to realize that what is needed is sex-positive education. Kids shouldn't just be taught how men and women have sex that leads to pregnancy; therefore, subliminally telling them they need the opposite sex to lead a fulfilling life. We should be teaching sexuality in all forms. Kissing, masturbation, same sex relations, and how to fulfill the emotional needs that are generally filled by premature sexual encounters.

We shut them off from sex toys and tell them to do their "private touching" behind close doors, and then we're surprised when they find another human being with whom to explore and discover their bodies?

Why not empower the sexuality of our teenagers? Create a judgement-free zone for them to have conversations about their needs, so they can find other safe ways to fulfill them. Then perhaps they won't have to face the more difficult choices of abortion, adoption, or teenage parenthood. It might be brutally uncomfortable at first, but in the end, we are here to teach our children about how to live a happy life.

Sex is a major component to adult relationships. Just like death, sex is inevitable. Instead of sheltering our youth and trying to suppress their natural desires, give them permission to have needs. Then hand them a masturbator sleeve, or a vibrator and send them to their rooms for private time. Sure it's scary to think of our babies getting it on with themselves, and I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but they're doing it anyway.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Need a little tease? The perfect beginner toys

I often meet women at my parties who are shopping for their first vibrators. They generally sit respectfully listening to my presentation and are intrigued by the buzzing bullets and rockets that pass their way. By the time the rabbits are in their hands, their eyes begin to glaze over. Then when it's ordering time, their palms get sweaty and their stomachs get a little nervous as they ask me what the best recommendation is for a first time buyer.

Pocket rockets have always been a great beginner vibrator. It doesn't look like a vibrator, but is powerful enough to send them into clitoral orgasm. They can be tossed into a handbag, nightstand, or suitcase, and require little user education to get the job done.

The new Lil Teasers from Cal Exotics also have the same benefits, but instead of hard plastic are soft silicone.

They are only 3-4" in length, and turn on with a simple twist of the base. They are waterproof and come in three different styles, for whatever floats your boat. They can be used externally for clitoral stimulation, or inserted for vaginal, G-spot, or prostate stimulation.

As they are silicone, you should do a patch test with your silicone lubricants to ensure they will not alter the material. Water-based lubricants of all kinds can also be used. So grab your favorite flavored, warming, or stimulating lube and kick it up a notch!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sex is Natural... your lube should be too.

As my quest for greener living ensues, I find myself contemplating personal pleasure lotions and products as I recommend them to others. Ultimately I have come to realize that there are so many things out there we could be afraid of and avoid, but we also have a lot of options for things that are less harmful to our bodies that can bring us so much joy! Be they foods, enhancement creams, or battery operated boyfriends.... everything in moderation.

That being said, my heart has fallen for a line of products that came out a few years ago, dedicated to using ingredients that are not know to cause health risks or infections in our lovely lady parts. When they hit the market with their line of sensual body products, I was thrilled. Now with the introduction of lubricants that warm, soothe, and protect, I am head over heels.

Intimate organics not only educates us about what is in our body products, but offers effective natural substitutes. Suburban housewives in my area were buzzing about the KY his and hers when their marketing campaign went into high gear, but soon afterward, I heard stories of women having to wash off the intense heat, or suffering from annoying reactions.... not so sexy.

May I introduce you to MELT?

This warming lubricant is true to it's name. And isn't that what we really want anyway? We don't want to light a fire in our vaginas, we just want them to melt.
...Like when Edward leans into Bella and doesn't kiss her....

Infused with Cinnomamum bark, this silky liquid warms the body and builds as the friction increases.

Need some protection?

Defense is a paraben and glycerin free water-based lubricant with sea kelp and guava bark. Use this lube to help maintain healthy floras and protect the delicate balance of your vaginal bacteria. Yes, I just said that.

For those of us gals who are sensitive to toys and creams, this lube is a blessing.

Feeling adventurous?
Soothe is a plant derived glycerin lubricant designed to enhance anal play. It contains guava bark for it's antibacterial properties. Combine this lube with the Adventure Anal Relaxing spray and experience forbidden pleasures like never before. Here's what Intimate Organics has to say about their anal spray:

Intimate Organics understands that anal sex for women is becoming more popular and losing its stigma. However, many products on the market are simply not safe. Unlike other anal sprays or creams that can numb the sphincter and cause tearing, our natural spray causes no anesthetic effects. The anal sphincter becomes relaxed and therefore penetration becomes comfortable. Intimate Organics anal relaxing spray’s unique formula contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass. Intimate Organic’s natural anal spray relaxant does not contain the synthetic compound benzocaine.

What better way to increase the pleasure of your intimate life? Give Intimate Organics lubricants a try and feel the difference for yourself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wanna get drilled?

Not the most romantic thing you've ever heard, I'm guessing? (And with the current situation in the Gulf, you might be afraid of bursting something and having uncontrolled leakage.) If you can set aside your need for seduction, and your environmentally friendly may just find some mind-blowing orgasms.

The new Power Bumper is far from sexy, but big on satisfaction. It actually doesn't look that intimidating, right? Cute little pink bumps on what appears to be a regular multi-function vibe.... but when you power it up, you'll want to make sure you've got time to spend with your new friend. The vibrating clitoral stimulator isn't low-to-high speed, it's low and high frequency. An option rarely seen in the world of pleasure products. Either setting is extremely powerful, for those of you who need some intense vibrations, but the difference in frequencies is truly an experience.

Then comes the shaft....
We've seen the rotating ball bearings and jumbling pearls, but this baby has rotation that doesn't give. Many times you can grab the shaft of a multi-function vibe and stop the pearls or balls from rotating. The Power Bumper continues drilling no matter how hard you squeeze! I don't think I need to express to the ladies what a fabulous feature this is! The hundreds of tiny bumps that adorn the entire unit make for a textured shag you won't forget. Make sure to use some lubrication prior to insertion, or wait for your body to be naturally ready and lubricated for action, otherwise the initial penetration might be less than pleasurable.

Cal Exotics says it's made of unscented TPR, but the scent when first opened is a little pungent. It's material is a thin "skin" over the mechanics, and is easy to clean before and after use. It take four AA's to power up this hard core lover, but you won't be disappointed that you had to steal them out of BOTH of your remote controls.

Want one of your own? Contact me to find out where to get it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

When batteries just don't cut it...

Let's face it gals, when it's good, it's GOOOOOOD. Nothing feels quite like the body paralyzing vibrations that can be attained from the power of an electric vibrator. These power tools are no longer big cumbersome back massagers, they are made from high grade materials, in sleek designs and compact sizes for comfortable solo play.

The Inspire from the Couture Collection by Cal Exotics is nothing short of toe-curling! The flexible head is made of silicone for a velvety soft touch and safe play. The power cord is long enough to plug in by the bed, and layback comfortably or stretch over you to stimulate your partner! Or, I guess you could use it to actually massage your back.... if you're into that kind of thing....

Guys, don't be jealous! Some of the best things come in small packages. This compact massager is great for you too! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience her total body orgasms? Now's your chance. Grab a hold of this electric massager and place it at the base of the shaft on your pubic bone and push the powerful vibrations into your pelvis as you work your hand stroking magic.

Make it a "couples" toy and follow the instructions above, but instead of adding hand strokes, have her sit on top. You'll both be riding the wave of pleasure in record time.

WARNING: you could do this all day, and it may become addictive, so play with caution! You may also experience temporary numbness, but you won't lose your ability to orgasm normally... unless you become an addict and use your electric vibe nonstop....Did I mention you should play with caution?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Disposable Pleasures

We're used to throwing away all kinds of things to make life easier, but there was never a disposable masturbator.... until now.

Introducing the Tenga line of disposable male masturbators! These single shot devices were designed with the occasional masturbator in mind. Inexpensive enough for a night of solo pleasure, or a special occasion... but a little too pricey for the frequent um...jerker.

Available in different styles to suit every stroke. The Deep Throat cup delivers exactly what it promises, a intense suction with "special" suction valves inside to create this amazing sensation. You can even increase the suction by using the air hole at the top of the cup... just cover it with a thumb or finger and feel the "jaws" tighten around your member. They come in soft, hard, and the US versions (20% larger) in ultra-size and super vacuum. Don't mind the slurping sounds-it just makes the fantasy more realistic.

Need more options? Try the Double Hole Cup, the Air Cushion, the Soft Cup, or the Rolling Head Cup, all of which come pre-lubed and ready to enjoy. They are all equipped with Tenga's spongelike material, making them gentle lovers. So if you've been turned off by the hard plastic sleeves, it may be time to give Tenga a try. Afterall, you're just gonna toss it when you're done.

Check out these video demos of these scientifically designed masturbators!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Save your Marriage with Sex Toys!

Can a battery operated lover really reignite passion in an otherwise lust-less marriage? Absolutely!

With all the rumors of infidelity swarming around, you might be wondering if your sex life needs a makeover. Well, considering many women and men have admitted to straying because they are bored... it's not a bad idea to spice things up now and then.

Intimate products were designed for the majority of married couples where one or both partners are experiencing less than satisfying orgasms, or excitement in the relationship. Most products are also created with women in mind, allowing them to reach climax, thus creating the ability for emotional connection with their spouse.

So, which products should you introduce to your bed? It all depends on what needs you're trying to meet.

If you're a woman who is not achieving orgasm during lovemaking, don't worry, you're not alone. While a reported 70-80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, many women still feel that they are less qualified lovers because they do not orgasm through penetration alone. Relax ladies, your inability to have mind blowing O's by his pounding is completely normal. And guys, news flash... that pounding isn't what's going to get us off most likely.

While most of the nerve endings are located at the introitus, or the opening of the vagina, many men still focus on deep penetration. Deep penetration is great for stimulating the G-spot and giving her a place to grind her needy clitoris (against your pubic bone), but if she requires some manual stimulation with a finger or toy, it's hardly cutting the mustard.

Vibrating enhancement rings and mini vibrators can be perfect helpers for this kind of stimulation. The ring is worn at the base of the shaft of the penis, and the vibration directly stimulates her clitoris. If you're using a small or slender vibe, just place it strategically on the clitoris, but far enough that it doesn't get caught in the action. She won't need long to get that happy feeling, then he can do his pounding, and everyone's happy. She may want to cuddle afterward, so give her that moment to collect herself. The next time you want to play, guess who will be all the more ready?!

Fulfill fantasies with molded toys! Have a threesome without the jealousy. Molded toys have visual qualities that help bring our fantasies to life. Do you or your partner want to experience a threesome, but only in theory? Grab a realistic penis or vagina and talk out your fantasies together!

Which ones to avoid if one or both of you are feeling less in lust?
Don't break out the Jack Rabbit with 100's of functions and speeds. He's not going to feel needed, and she may not be relaxed enough to share her orgasm with him. These can be amazing toys if everyone's on board, but if he's already feeling left out or pressured, this isn't a positive addition to your relationship.... yet!

How do you introduce the idea? Easy! With so many article and ads on radio and television showing these products, you won't seem off your rocker to suggest one. A sexy way to invite him to play would be to print out or cut out an ad for an item you like. Stick a post it note to it that reads, "this might be fun... can't wait for bedtime." and leave it somewhere he'll find it. Just make sure the kids don't find it first!

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Oscar Curse" or new discussions for your relationship?

I've been reading all the scandalous gossip swirling around Hollywood's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock and her not so sweet husband, Jesse James. His alleged affair with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is a nauseating, overwhelming, and completely un-shocking chapter in the world of guilty pleasures. But as much as I would like to comment on the details, I am already tired of the story. What I do find interesting is the combination of a this "breaking news" in the aftermath of Sandra Bullock's Oscar win as best actress (yes, I know it's officially "actor"), to the interview between Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Mo'nique and Barbara Walters.

We are so quick to talk about the cheating husband, the poor unsuspecting wife, and the slutty mistress, but nobody is talking about the happily married couple in a self-proclaimed "open marriage."

Here's a woman who is confident enough to NOT SHAVE her hairy legs, and says an affair is not a deal breaker in their relationship. I salute the strength and honesty of Mo'nique. I think her attitude and outlook on marriage, especially in Hollywood is a much more realistic approach to the unnatural agreement of monogamy.

Yes, I said UNnatural. Humans are not monogamous by nature. We have been socially programmed to be monogamous as a survival tactic. Long before religion had a say in how we should be committed to one another, evolution played a role in determining the optimal relationship status for humans. Homo sapiens were in danger of becoming extinct, there was a strong desire to procreate and speculation suggests that had early man been monogamous, that inbreeding would have done our species in.

Marriage is a relatively modern concept: a contractual agreement before God and country that two people promise to practice monogamy and remain partners til death. For this promise, they receive status and tax benefits... sounds romantic doesn't it?

Sandra Bullock proclaimed her love for Jesse James, and thanked him at nearly every recent acceptance speech I can think of. She obviously bought into the whole monogamy thing, and yet he allegedly has not.

Mo'nique and Sydney Hicks have publicly claimed they have an open marriage. She told Barbara Walters on her Oscar interview that if either of them wanted to have an affair with another person that it would not jeopardize their marriage.

So, for all of you in relationships, I think it's the perfect time to discuss these two award winning actresses and decide which one you'll be. Will you be the lead actor in a role, getting blindsided when you discover that your supporting actor isn't who you thought he was, or will you be happily fulfilled as a best supporting actress to your lifelong partner?

Let's face it folks, there are two kinds of lovers out there, one who is dedicated to and capable of monogamy, and those who aren't. The problem is, most people don't find out if their spouse is on the same page until it's too late. Mo'nique has blazed a trail to openly discuss marriage with your partner. Whether or not you decide to walk down the path to truth is up to you.

The pocket rocket meets it's match-introducing the Masseur, a new vibe from Cal Exotics!

Not for many years has the simple and effective function of the infamous pocket rocket been challenged. Sure there are several slender vibes that boast the power of the pocket rocket, but they've never been able to compete with the design of the easy-to-use, hand-held rod.

Look out beloved rockets, the new Masseur has arrived!

It's sleek, it's waterproof, and it has seven functions of vibrations to give pocket rocket lovers the options they yearned for! The biggest complaint of rocket addicts is the lack of options. There is no low-to-high dial on most models, no choices in vibration or escalation, and rarely could you find one with something other than a hard plastic exterior. The time has come to upgrade your battery operated boyfriend....

The Masseur is made of silicone, has a feather touch button to change functions, and is ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand. (How many times has your wrist felt the strain of lengthy pocket rocket action?) It is powerful enough to stimulate the clitoris, tickle the testicles, or work out a pinched nerve.

Which is exactly what you'll tell the TSA it's for when they pull it out of your bag at airport security.... OOh, and it's available in pink, or black!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Couture sex toys?

Couture sex toys are nothing new. We've heard the rumors about Posh Spice getting a diamond encrusted vibrator as a gift from her super stud husband David Beckham, and the celebs who drop serious dollars on romance products and sex toys, like Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, and Halle Berry.

So what's a suburban gal to to do when she wants a little more stylish technology between her legs? Good news ladies, we have a lot of options. Not only have new manufacturers popped onto the scene, but long-time toy manufacturers are onto the needs and wants of it's customers.

The Couture collection from Cal Exotics is a sleek, sexy, and satisfying line of premium silicone products designed to please the stylish gal and her pocket book! These vibes and pleasure balls are elegantly shaped for sensual experiences... The velvety silicone material slides easily with just a little lubrication.

Toys like the Patina (dual simulating vibe from the petite couture collection), offer multi-speed rotation for delightful internal pleasures, and powerful clitoral vibrations to achieve orgasm at your own pace. Naturally the chic gal would want some musical ambiance to add to the overall experience. Here's my audio recommendations:

Start with the slow rotation speed of the shaft, and low vibration setting accompanied with Barry White songs, then go to the second level-just slightly faster, and kick up the vibration a notch, grinding to the beat of something like LL Cool J's "Doin' it," and finally kick into high gear with the fastest rotation and maybe some pulsing beats on the clitoris to "Addicted" by saving Abel, or "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry.

Want to get your very own couture vibe? Email me or check out my website for more info!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming

That's right, it's almost here! The most (and least) romantic day of the year! Sure, I am an anti V-day chic myself, but I AM also a parent, who apparently must succumb to any and all celebratory holidays.... Okay, truth be told, I can be a sucker for telling the ones I love that, well... "I love them!"

I don't agree with the overly expensive dinners, over crowded restaurants and lame cards, but there are a few things I dig! Here are a few of my faves, plus some tips on how to make Valentine's day fun ad sexy with stuff you already have lying around!

Pictures may say 1000 words, but these cards tell it like it is! check out for fun email-able V-day cards!

Chocolates are not only a natural aphrodisiac, but they are sexy to eat, melt and smother on your lover, and of course, swallow. Most of us have some sort of chocolate laying around, so grab it, met it down and use a paint brush, or your finger to brush it on your lover and lick it off! Chocolate does contain sugar however, so make sure none of it goes internally and causes a bacterial infection.... not sexy.

I grabbed some from Trader Joe's that are delish, or you can get this Sweet Heart box from Kama Sutra with everything ready to go, and sugar free!

Need some other sexy ideas?

1. Seduce them with food...Natural Aphrodisiacs you may already have in your fridge/spice cabinet!
We already discussed chocolate, but what other things add some heat from the kitchen to the bedroom? Read more here!
2. Dress yourself up!
Lingerie may seem like an expensive luxury these days, but most of us have some sexy panties, or stockings from our single days! Just add a red ribbon tied around your neck, or paint on some edible body paints in the shape of hearts over your nipples!
3. Tease them with a Lap Dance!
This one is easy! Doesn't take much to give a lap dance, just four basic steps to performing it, and the second you start the music and come out, he'll know what's up! It won't even matter at that point what you do! But here's the breakdown, walk in, half straddle him, putting one leg inside of his, then full straddle and right 'em cowgirl! Then do the reverse, lay back and wrap your arm around his neck. If you want more instruction, email or call me about doing a workshop!
4. Touch and reconnect through relaxation or erotic massage.
Erotic Massage is a great way to get the blood pumping literally and figuratively! Stimulating the pelvic area is great for circulation and reconnecting with your lover. using somewhat firm, but still gentle movements, go in circular motions down toward the pelvis , diving in between the legs, but not touching the genitals and continue repeating the movements. Use a massage oil, or hot oil massage candle to make the experience sensual and relaxing all at once!
5. Put a ring on it!... couples enhancement rings bring on the fun!
Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend? They haven't used a powerful vibrating couples ring! Slip one on him, let it rest all the way at the bottom of the shaft, and turn on the vibrating bullet for you! If you're a manual stimulation gal, or like to grind into him to get your needs met, you'll love the extra attention with these rings! The Elite Exciter, Twice as Nice, and Red Hot Love are my favorites!