Saturday, July 24, 2010

Need a little tease? The perfect beginner toys

I often meet women at my parties who are shopping for their first vibrators. They generally sit respectfully listening to my presentation and are intrigued by the buzzing bullets and rockets that pass their way. By the time the rabbits are in their hands, their eyes begin to glaze over. Then when it's ordering time, their palms get sweaty and their stomachs get a little nervous as they ask me what the best recommendation is for a first time buyer.

Pocket rockets have always been a great beginner vibrator. It doesn't look like a vibrator, but is powerful enough to send them into clitoral orgasm. They can be tossed into a handbag, nightstand, or suitcase, and require little user education to get the job done.

The new Lil Teasers from Cal Exotics also have the same benefits, but instead of hard plastic are soft silicone.

They are only 3-4" in length, and turn on with a simple twist of the base. They are waterproof and come in three different styles, for whatever floats your boat. They can be used externally for clitoral stimulation, or inserted for vaginal, G-spot, or prostate stimulation.

As they are silicone, you should do a patch test with your silicone lubricants to ensure they will not alter the material. Water-based lubricants of all kinds can also be used. So grab your favorite flavored, warming, or stimulating lube and kick it up a notch!

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