Monday, October 28, 2013

What if you really wanted to use a condom?

I have yet to meet someone who actually enjoys the sensation of sex with a condom. Women and men alike complain about the lack of perceived intimacy, the chaffing, rubbing, and lack of skin on skin pleasure they would have if they rode bareback. But we're more educated and hopefully more concerned with our bodies and our partners' health and choose to be safe and bag it. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a better design? One that actually felt good, maybe even made safe sex feel too good to be true...?

Origami condoms is working on just that. They have designed a better condom. A condom that still provides the stimulation we crave, without sacrificing the barrier against STD's and unwanted pregnancy. They've not only designed a new condom for men to wear, but a female condom, and an anal condom. Condoms should be like sex toys! They should provide a different feature with the wearer, and type of sex in mind. There's billions of dollars going into developing new toys to provide bigger better orgasms, but has yet to be another option for safe sex to feel good in decades... Lucky for us, these condoms are in clinical trials and on the way to gaining approval from the FDA.

Check out some of the videos for the new condom designs and let me know what you think. Just watching the male condom demo sold me! And I don't even have a penis.

Male Condom...

Female Condom...