Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bubble Love-a review of this bath time adventure toy!

Water is undeniably sexy.... there's something about the feeling of water lapping against your naked body, or dripping down your exposed flesh... even though the reality of sex on a warm sandy beach isn't as pleasurable as it sounds, we're still drawn to the fantasy of it.

It's about time that someone created a truly waterproof product that will allow women to fulfill these liquid fantasies in the comfort of their own bathtub, jacuzzi, or hell... dare I say, even a kiddie pool. That's right, this baby can work in as little as 6".... not that 6" is little...

So how does it work? When I first opened the box, I was a little confused, and afraid to break the sleek beauty. I went online to find instructions, and was thrilled to see a very adorable, easy to follow tutorial to get me set up.

Within minutes, I was ready to go. My hot bath was full, my body was tingling with anticipation, and I felt confident I could operate the equipment. I suctioned the motor to the base of my tub and fired her up. The flow of bubbles can be adjusted from a delicate tease to a blast of pressure. I was able to comfortably maneuver the stream of happiness to exactly the spot I wanted (unlike trying to position my lady parts below a water spout for any extended length of time). Success!! This toy definitely has what it takes to get the job done, but there's also the extras you can add on... Meet the Dilly...

He's hard, white, and girthy enough for most women's preferences... although may be a little much for women who don't want much to stimulate them internally. While I do like to masturbate this way sometimes, I found it a little less pleasurable than just using the bubbles alone. I also wasn't really prepared, and didn't have a silicone lube by the tub. Had I been a smart wanker, I would've been ready for anything. And as you might understand, once I was rub a dub-dubbing, I got too lazy to get out of the tub to grab my lube. It's okay though... there's always next time.

That's right, the Bubble Love is fully rechargeable, so feel free to use and abuse it. As long as you keep it juiced, it will be a faithful companion to your bath time adventures!

To purchase any of these products, message me for details, or shop online and enter coupon code: PLAYME for free shipping on your entire order.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tune in Tokyo! Breast and Nipple play

We all remember the scene from Girl’s Just wanna have fun where the line, “Wanna play tune in Tokyo?” is delivered…. unless you’re simply not as old as I am… in which case, I’ll explain. Tune in Tokyo was the guy’s way of getting her hands up out of the way so he could cop a feel, and essentially play with the girl’s nipples. Men are notoriously fascinated with boobs, tits, fun bags, whatever other way you’d like to refer to breasts. But along with breasts, come the delicious little nubs of pleasure and delight, called nipples.

Nipples don’t get nearly enough play time. Generally when people talk about sex, it’s straight up P to V…. in different positions, if you’re lucky. And then if you’re really blessed, you might be able to include oral sex. I’m all about playing, and when I refer to sex, it includes any and every possible scenario! So let’s discuss the possibility and potential of nipple orgasms. Is it possible for a women to reach orgasm through the stimulation of her nipples alone?

According to fMRI studies, the same area of the brain is activated through nipple stimulation as is during clitoral, and vaginal stimulation. The sensory cortex is the activated in the same way during nipple stimulation, as it is during clitoral, vaginal, and cervical stimulation. So…. YES!!! You can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.

I must say however that tweaking a nipple, sucking it briefly during foreplay, and sucking it during sex for a moment does not constitute nipple play. Guys, does licking the tip of your penis equal a blow-job? Would grazing your anus with a tongue during a blow-job equal a rim-job? I think not. So unless you’re really focusing your attention on the nipples for a solid 10 minutes, it doesn’t count as nipple play.

That being said: Here are five tips for bringing them to orgasm through nipple stimulation.

1. Get them ready to play-kiss them deeply, touch their body, whisper in their ear.

2. Spend time lick and massaging the entire breast, without touching their nipples.

3. Lap their nipples and all around the areola with a flat, soft, wet tongue.

4. Use the thumb and fore-finger to lift the nipple off the breast, and flick and suck the nipples alternately.

Keep going…. invest the time, keep licking and sucking the nipples to bring them to orgasm.

If your nipples, or your partners nipples aren’t as sensitive as you would like. Nipple clamps can be a great tool to create sensitivity. We reviewed the feather nipple clamps on Playboy Radio, and it got rave reviews! The sexy black feather tickler can be used all over the body to tickle and tease, and the adjustable clamps accommodate most all sizes of nipples! The tension can also be adjustable providing as little or as much pinch as you desire.

Click on the video below and hear what our panelists had to say.

To purchase any of these products, message me for details, or shop online and enter coupon code: PLAYME for free shipping on your entire order.

Hear the entire show on Episode 8 on my show Play With Me on Playboy Radio.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Talk Dirty to me

We’ve heard that men are more visually stimulated and women are more audibly stimulated. B what the studies really represent is the encompassing of all the senses for women to be truly turned on. While the actual physicality of the act of sex can stimulate the male brain, women require an emotional component to the visual. I’m not saying they have to see a romantic story per se, but that generally there needs to be a story attached to the act, thus creating an emotional piece to the scene.

So what does this have to do with talking dirty?

What you say is as important as how you say it. Whether you’re telling your girl she’s a dirty slut, or that she’s a goddess who deserves to be worshipped, you’re creating a feeling. Telling a story before, during, or after your hot sex session isn’t rocket science, but it’s definitely an art.

So how does your partner want to be talked to? What kind of sounds and words do they respond well to? And what words DON’T work for them? Have they told you how sexy you sound when you’re cumming? This is a good indication that they like hearing you. If you’re not sure if they’ll respond well to dirty talk, try whispering in their ear a few light and sexy phrases.

“You feel so good…”

“If you keep doing that, you’re going to make me cum.”

If they give you a a vocal response of any kind, they are probably open or at least intrigued by your words. This is a great way to test the waters before cannonballing in. After you’ve finished your session, talk about it. Ask them if they liked it when you talked in their ear. Ask them if they’d like you to talk more. Ask them what kind of things they’d like to hear. For example, many of our female panel wasn't turned on by the words penis and vagina. So saying, "I want to lick your vagina" may not get the juices flowing. Similarly, "Suck my penis" didn't make any top five lists either... in case you felt compelled to use the anatomical words for your sex bits. Some women would be be turned on by being called a "whore," while others would get up a leave. So find out their YES! words, as well as the ones that dry up the well, or shrivel the boys. Otherwise, tread lightly.

Once you get the green light, see where your dirty dialogue takes you! Will it be descriptive? Intructional? Or used for playing out fantasy scenarios? Will you tell them how you can wait to make love to them, or what they will be wearing when you get home from work, and what you will do to them if they are not obedient, or will you be the head master at an all girl's Catholic School who's just found out she has been smoking in the bathroom? The possibilities are endless when it comes to the magic that can spew from your lips. Let it flow, get creative, be frisky, be playful, and bask in the magic of your sexual lyrics.

New to Dirty Talk and need some tips? Here are some expert tips from former Phone Sex Operator and Sex Educator Ashley Manta!

1. Use someone else’s words… read straight from some erotica.

2. Practice out loud while you’re alone driving in the car, or while you masturbate. (bonus: it makes masturbation hotter too!)

3. Dirty Madlibs! You can fill in the blanks to create some super sexy and orgasm inducing statements. Dowload her free e-book here to get more tips to mind-blowing dirty talk.

Long Distance lovers? Start their day off with a naughty text and keep the fun going all day long. Arrange a day and time when you can both stay focused on your phone frolic! You'll be surprised how much the written word can keep people connected who are challenged by distance. Hone your skills via text and recorded voice memos and see how practice makes perfect when your expert prose finally has the chance to be spoken in person.

Listen to our full show Episode 7 on Playboy Radio, including some suggestions of talking dirty from our listeners, our panel, and the interview with Ashley Manta!