Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With new "touch" technology, you might confuse your iTap with your iPhone

iTap has hit the market as the easy to use vibrator that changes speeds and functions with the tap of a finger, so for all those who love their touch screen iPhones, you may have to add this new gadget to your collection of technology.

With a simple yet sleek design, the iTap touch sensitive vibes are a collection of slim vibrators, insertable eggs, and bullet vibes. They are available in subdued pastels of pink, lavender, and a creamy white and are coated in a silky soft Velvet Cote over hard plastic. A sensual material if you're looking for something in between a hard material, and a floppy jelly.

As a big supporter of sex toys, I love the new technology! I feel that in adding this feature to our battery operated lovers, we take some of the mechanics out of the equation, allowing us to feel completely in the moment, lingering our fingers loosely, instead of rigidly around our toys. Fantasies can continue from low to high vibrations without having to disrupt our thoughts to consciously flip a switch.

Of course the G-spot design, slim probe, and both egg and bullet vibes still provide the quality vibrations and functions that Cal Exotics is know for. The new touch sensitive iTap Collection is worth a try for anyone from beginner to aficionado.

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