Monday, June 4, 2012

Why women love Fifty Shades of Grey, and how to have your own Mr. Grey

With the latest craze of trilogies centered around erotic fiction, it's a wonder how the Fifty Shades of Grey became so popular. I hear women saying, "Isn't it just porn?" Well, not exactly. Like porn, erotic fiction doesn't always include a good story, in fact, some can be downright ridiculous. Fifty Shades isn't an exceptional book (sorry fans). It's not an amazing piece of literature, or a profound story. I will say that I have enjoyed reading the books, and love that suburbia is buzzing! What Fifty Shades does provide is a look into our intimate lives, and what might be missing for many American men and women.

Christian Grey is a gazillionare in this story, who's extremely handsome, sexy, talented, and sexually gifted (like many other men out there, I'm sure).... He meets a young virgin woman who challenges his normal behavior of contractual, consensual sexual relationships, because she's not into becoming is submissive. He is smitten by her, for reasons unknown, and decides to give it all up for the sake of love, and of course, her. It's definitely not a realistic love story, but what Fifty Shades readers are most drawn to, is the attention he lavishes on her, his interest in fulfilling her desires and giving her pleasure, and the sexcapades they embark on. Mr. Grey is a controlling man, who sets the stage for their love making (and fucking), on every occasion. The housewife in all of us loves the idea of not having to make a decision, initiate sex, or think, in general. He is lustfully attracted to her, and he tells her. He is very communicative about his desires. What he will do to her, how she makes him feel, how she looks, how she smells.. all making Anastasia Steele feel wanted, loved, and desired in every way. Married women all around the globe miss the times in their lives where they may have known a lover who did the same, or long for a lover who would make them feel that way. *Lovers take note- if your wife or girlfriend is reading this book with fervor, she may want some of the banter, flirtations, and compliments that Mr. Grey bestows upon his Ana. So ladies, this doesn't mean our men are solely responsible for creating these Mr Grey fantasies. There's nothing stopping you from texting a quick flirtation, or answering in a suggestive manner the next time your husband communicates with you. Tell him what you want, ask for what you want, and let him become the lover you want him to be. Highlight your favorite scenes in the book, and leave the book on his side of the bed with a note saying that you'd love for him to do this to you. If you don't create the space for your lover to appear, he won't. If you say to yourself that your husband would never fuck you like Mr. Grey, he won't. Give him the tools, show up for him too, and see what kind of "kinky fuckery" the two of you can create.... but what about props? If you don't have a Red Room of Pain and you'd like to turn your bedroom into your very own playroom, there are tons of products out there than can be discreetly installed. Door play kits will do if you don't have wall shackles to restrain your lover to. Bed restraint kits are perfect for people without four-posted bed frames, and of course, there's a full selection of starter whips, floggers, and paddles for fun fantasy play. For more intricate tools and heavier duty restraints, you may want to check out JT's Stockroom. And if you need any of the products from the book to make this happen, I'm just a phone call or email away, or you can shop discreetly online :) We will also be holding a book discussion at the studio this summer, so stay connected via Facebook for all the details! We'll be starting our Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Challenge soon, where you can act out all the scenes from the books, igniting the passion in your relationship.

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